With real estate prices soaring, many Canadians are downsizing their spaces and seeking alternative housing options. If you’re curious about the emerging tiny home movement, here’s everything you need to know about tiny house communities across the c
Buying a cottage with friends or family has advantages, but co-ownership arrangements can be complicated. Here are some helpful tips to help you determine if buying a shared vacation home is right for you.
Canada’s red-hot real estate market continued to grow in 2020 despite the economic instability posed by the COVID-19 pandemic. If you’re thinking about buying or selling your home, here’s a detailed look at current market trends and predictions for 2
Not sure when to put your home on the market? Find out why summer just may be the best season for selling your home.
Before a realtor shows your home to potential buyers, you'll want to ensure it's in the best condition possible. Here are some hints to keep in mind that will boost the appeal of your home and possibly help you land the asking price you wanted.
When shopping for a home, it's easy to fall in love at first glance and overlook the details that could turn your dream into a nightmare. Before committing to buying a home, here are six questions to ask to ensure you're getting the best deal.
If you're unsure about the negotiation process, buying a home can be tricky. To help you get the best price for the home you want to purchase, here are some money-saving tips.
Who doesn't love a great bargain picked up from a yard sale? Especially when it cost next to nothing and is practically brand-new. Here are four tips that will help you snag some serious deals at yard sales this summer that others may completely over
Que vous soyez un jeune professionnel, un couple dévoué ou simplement fatigué de la location, l'achat d'une première maison peut être l'une des étapes les plus excitantes de votre vie - et stressantes. Bien qu'il y ait tant de choses à considérer, le
There are only a few short steps to buying a property, which means there’s not a lot of distance between you and your future home.
Buying a new home is an exciting process, but don't be blinded by first impressions. Here are a few key elements to check before taking the plunge.
Home inspection is an unregulated industry in Canada. Minimize your buying risk by learning how to tell if your inspector is qualified.
Buying your first home is a serious investment: you’ll need to assess your needs and find concrete answers to your questions. To help you navigate the process from start to finish, here are some key questions to ask before signing a contract.
If it’s your first time buying property, how it works can be confusing. Here’s what you should know about an offer to purchase, and what happens during the house-buying process.
Buying a home without a broker means having to tackle every aspect of finding the perfect property to fulfill your needs and that you can afford. If you're confident in your abilities, here are some tips to consider.
When it comes to buying or selling your home, a real estate agent who knows the market value of properties in your neighbourhood and who can flip sales fast is what you need. So how can you ensure you're getting one who can get the price you want?
Getting a realtor has some distinct advantages, but that doesn't mean they always have your best interests at heart. Here are some things that you should keep in mind when dealing with real estate agents.
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