Looking for an easy way to get your daily dose of eight veggies a day? This flavourful soup is chock full of vitamin-rich tomatoes and fibre-packed potatoes and squash – amped up with colourful peppers and beta-carotene rich carrot juice. Mediterrane
Anyone can make a wonderful bowl of chicken soup. The trick is to make fresh stock, using good-quality chicken. Add a few vegetables and noodles to the stock, and you'll be in healing heaven.
This warm, hearty ragout features cholesterol-lowering lentils and nearly two servings of vegetables per serving. A drizzle of olive oil gives this simple, comforting dish a delicious finish.
While there's still a chill in the air, you can welcome spring by making this simple, fresh-tasting soup, based on a rustic French recipe.
Greens are front and centre stage in these two vitamin-rich recipes.
Visions of Grandma's kitchen and potbellied stoves come to mind with each ladleful of this robust beefy-flavoured soup. Big-bowl meals are all the rage now, but it's easy to see how this one-dish meal has satisfied generations.
These two savoury soups are a healthful and delicious way to introduce vegetables into your diet.
For when you want the comforting feeling of eating soup but crave the fullness of a stew, try one of these delicious and easy recipes.
Vegetarian soup is a healthy and delicious dish for anyone. Here are two simple recipes for amazing veggie soup:
Served hot or cold, this lovely green soup is ideal for days when the weather is unpredictable. Asparagus and sugar snap peas bring just the right kick to this variation on the classic leek and potato soup. Here's how you can make it yourself.
Just because you're watching your health, it doesn't mean that you have to skip out on some hearty stew favourites. Here are two healthy and hearty interpretations of popular stews.
Feeling in need of a comforting pick-me-up? There's nothing better than homemade chicken soup to help you feel better instantly. Here's a recipe you'll enjoy even when you're not under the weather.
Who doesn't enjoy a warm, satisfying bowl of soup on a cold day? Try these two recipes. With more than comfort in these bowls, the soups pack a nutritional punch for added health benefits.
Check out these great soup ideas to keep you warm and nourished in the winter.
A hot bean soup for a cold winter's day is pretty much all you could ask for. And this one is chock full of heart-healthy nutrients, so you can feed your body and your soul at the same time.
During Passover, families avoid eating foods with leavening products in them. It might not seem like it, but there are great, filling vegetarian options. For some entree ideas, check out the list below.
This soup has a few surprises: Creaminess comes from a pureed potato instead of fat-laden cream, orange juice enlivens the flavour, and fresh thyme enhances the roasted peppers' savoury aromas. The brilliant red-orange colour makes it a fabulous firs
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