A slice of cheesecake that just about delivers your daily dose of beta-carotene? You don't see that too often, so get rid of your guilt for this one! Pumpkin-ginger cheesecake is where the definitions of delicious and nutritious meet.
A cool treat on a hot day! Who doesn't love that? But all that sugar isn't good for you, especially if blood sugar control is an issue. This sensational frozen yogurt is exotically flavoured with rose water and much lower in sugar than the store-boug
You know a dessert full of berries is bound to be both tasty and refreshing. Try these delectable treats tonight.
Satisfy your sweet tooth and treat yourself to one of these delicious, fruity desserts.
Known as nutritional supernovas, berries are chock full of antioxidants that can help offer protection against long-term health problems, such as some cancers and heart disease. This flavourful recipe for individual fruit cups is bursting with natura
These two recipes are bursting with sweet berries and packed with the nutritional goodness of oats and nuts. You won't feel guilty having a second serving!
Life is a bowl of cherries when you dig into a wedge of this juicy pie. Enjoy — without feeling guilty! The crust bakes up delectably flaky from a combination of reduced-fat sour cream and a little margarine.
In addition to being useful for soups and one-pot dishes, slow cookers can also bake moist, mouthwatering desserts. Here's how to use your slow cooker for cakes, cobblers and puddings to enjoy a homemade treat.
You can cut the fat and calories in traditional pudding pops and still enjoy a frozen treat. Here's how:
A fresh and fibre-rich take on the classic crumble, these lightly stewed apples and prunes with a golden oat topping are a special treat with a spoonful of yogurt or vanilla pudding.
Look what has happened to the traditional chocolate chip cookie! This one has only half the fat of the original, plus old-fashioned oats give it a fibre boost. Same old flavour, just healthy!
Spoon up a tangy-sweet mouthful of our custardy berry blend and discover how sublime a heart-friendly dessert can be. We use low-fat milk, dry milk, sour cream and gelatin to keep it healthy!
Healthy desserts don't have to be tasteless to be good for you. Here are two delicious fruit dishes that will dazzle your taste buds without ruining your diet:
Devil's food cake has a beguiling, bitter chocolate flavour that's moister and more distinctive in homemade versions. With this recipe in your cook book, you'll never want to buy it pre-made or in packets again!
This highly original recipe for cupcakes uses crystallized flower petals. By following the recipe, you'll be able to crystallize the petals yourself! Impressive, right?
Italian cannoli pastries, with their fried exteriors and ricotta cheese filling, are full of fat and cholesterol. Save your heart by skipping the fried dough and dipping fresh fruit into chocolate-flecked cannoli "cream" made in a light way.
During Passover, followers of the Jewish faith abstain from eating flour or leavened bread— but that doesn't stop them from eating sweets. Here are four delicious, easy-to-make flourless dessert recipes.
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