Do you often wind up with leftover potatoes, pasta and rice at the end of your dinners? Don't toss those starches just yet. Try the ideas below to salvage your leftovers.
Big, bold taste and chunky bits of tender clam is the trademark of these authentic clam chowders. These easy home recipes not only taste wonderful, but they actually cost very little to make.
Cooking dishes from around the world can be a challenge, but having all of the right spices can take a dish from tasty to extraordinary. Here are some facts on the spices to stock in your cupboard to ensure you can create a delicious meal.
Mild cod is often overwhelmed by highly seasoned spice rubs or flavoured bread crumbs. The secret ingredient in this recipe – rich-tasting butter crackers – has a mild, sweet flavour that creates a crunchy crust on the fish. Add a dab of creamy, home
There’s something about cold weather that makes us crave comfort foods. Maybe it’s their familiar hearty flavours, satisfying portions, or the simple pleasure of cradling a warm bowl between chilled fingers that makes them so appealing. Here are 10 c
When the weather gets cold, it's time to stock your pantry with ingredients for a hearty soup. What to make? These outstanding recipes are the perfect meal-in-a-bowl ideas to satisfy any hungry family.
After a long winter's day, nothing sticks to the ribs quite like a hearty cup of soup. Fortunately, these two dinner-style recipes will steal the show and satisfy the most voracious of appetites.
Soup is one of the all-time favourite comfort foods. And these three recipes? They're tasty, healthy and can sustain you throughout the seasons whether you're in the mood for a hot soup, cold treat, looking for a great starter dish or craving a satis
These two delicious and easy-to-make soup recipes will please both vegetarians and anyone else who simply wants to add more veggies to their diet. Healthy with a big dose of farm-fresh flavours, one bowl of these soups won't be enough!
If you're a fan of tomatoes then you'll instantly fall in love with these two recipes. Easy to make with only a few key ingredients, but brimming with vitamin C and flavour from the tomatoes, everyone will want the recipes from you. They're just that
Whether it's to take advantage of the fresh fruits and veggies being sold in abundance at the market in summer and fall, or for making the most of your own personal harvest, here are three proven ways for preserving garden-fresh foods and locking in
Nothing beats a tomato still warm from the vine. If you're looking for new ways to preserve tomatoes to keep that garden-fresh flavour going all year round, these methods will fit the bill for tasty ingredients to enhance your cooking.
Apples are a versatile fruit used in everything from baked goods to apple juice. And why not? Their many sweet and vibrant varieties are often sold year round. Here are six ways to enjoy apples and how to pick the best variety for your eating or cook
Most chili recipes have a handle on the basics: ground meat, beans, tomatoes and spices. But the best secret weapon is Worcestershire sauce. This one also includes sausage, bacon and ground mustard for incredible flavour.
Meatloaf is a hearty dish that goes down well any time of the year. For a recipe with a bit of spice and loaded with juicy flavours, you'll want to give this twist on classic meatloaf – using turkey instead of beef – a whirl. One one thing is guarant
Want to preserve the delicate flavours of homegrown herbs for year-round use? The traditional method of air drying, which concentrates flavours, allows you to extend the shelf-life "freshness" of your favourite herbs. Here are some hints to help you
Not all soups must be piping hot when served. Chilled soups can be refreshing on a scorching summer's day, especially these two delicious recipes.
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