Canada is a country of vast distances and diverse cultures, which is a blessing for foodies as it means there are countless unique epicurean delights to be found across the country. From B.C. spot prawns to Newfoundland screech, we bring you the top
For a healthy and delicious start to your day, why not give one of these 3 smoothie recipes a try. Packed with vitamins, they're a flavourful way to take advantage of the goodness of fresh fruit.
Simply put, these two simple and delicious snack recipes are great to have on hand when you want to entertain company but are short on time.
Most chili recipes have a handle on the basics: ground meat, beans, tomatoes and spices. But the best secret weapon is Worcestershire sauce. This one also includes sausage, bacon and ground mustard for incredible flavour.
Savoury and packed with flavour, both baba ghanoush and guacamole are the ultimate dips for almost any kind of food you can pick up with your fingers. Need an excuse to eat your veggies? These rich dips should do the trick.
Pure Canadian maple syrup is more versatile than just a breakfast addition. Check out these 11 dishes that include maple syrup and you'll be in heaven!
Pesto has an almost endless number of uses beyond pasta. Here are 8 extraordinary ways pesto can enhance the flavour and appeal of sandwiches, appetizers, mains, breakfast and more!
Try out these tasty recipes for pumpkin tartlets or whiskey-squash cake. They're the perfect treat for a cool fall or winter evening, and are bursting with a distinct and unforgettable flavour.
If you're seeking new ways to preserve garden tomatoes, these methods will fit the bill for tasty ingredients for your cooking.
Cuddle up to the fireplace with a dessert in a cup. These two hot chocolate recipes are just the thing your sweet tooth is begging for.
Whether you're stuck indoors due to a snowstorm or getting cozy next to an inviting fire, winter is all about yummy comfort food. Here are some easy-to-make comfort food ideas to give winter the cold shoulder.
Maple syrup is one of Canada's most popular foods – perhaps even its most popular – and a delicious way to enhance almost any dish, both sweet or savoury. If you're looking for some creative ways to use maple syrup to dress up the flavour of food and
Cooking meals at home is a great way to save money on food, but finding the time to cook can be difficult. Here are four tricks to cut down on time cooking an evening meal, and leave more time to relax.
A great source of potassium and manganese, butternut squash tastes remarkably creamy when pureed. But when you mix in a little coconut milk, you'll find that the effect is profoundly delicious too. The flavours here will remind you of Indian cuisine,
Winter is the time when the holidays come calling and winter storms rain down, bringing with them freezing temperatures and colds galore. The only redeeming quality of winter, besides Christmas and time with family, is the fact that there are winter
For a dessert that tastes as decadent as it looks and incorporates fruit you need to use up fast, look no further than these incredible squares.
Asian dishes are widely adored for their fragrant use of sauces and herbs. These delicious chicken recipes are no different.
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