By involving all five senses during the unwrapping of a gift, you can create a fun occasion and magnify the feeling of anticipation. Here are some easy ways to ensure your loved one enjoys their gift before they even find out what it is by engaging t
By creating DIY holiday gift tags from natural, reused or recyclable materials, you can create memorable gifts that you (and your wallet) feel good about giving.
Fabric is a great, eco-friendly gift-wrapping material, although many people don't know how to properly wrap a present with it. Highlighted below are a few simple techniques for wrapping everything from gift cards to boxes by using fabric.
Fancy wrapping paper, boxes and bows add to the cost of a gift without adding value. Try these original and inexpensive ideas to make your gifts more personal, fun and memorable.
Wine is an appreciated gift for almost any occasion. Knowing how to properly gift wrap a bottle of wine can give your present an even classier touch.
Giving gifts isn't just about how much money you've spent, it's also about how much thought you've put into it. One smart way to wrap is to use ribbons, so here are five ways to use them to wrap gifts in a way that demonstrates your care and effort.
Creating your own wrapping paper allows you to add an extra level of thoughtfulness to your holiday gifts. With dip dying, you immerse sections of paper into colourful dyes to make geometric designs. Here is a quick tutorial for how to make dip-dye w
One fun DIY idea is to use buttons to stamp paper to make unique holiday gift wrap, proving you don't need to spend a fortune. Grab some buttons and colourful paper, get the kids to help you, and get started on the gift of giving.
Wrapping is an easy way to personalize a gift and build additional intrigue around it, especially if you use a creative, well-thought-out, customized theme. Wrapping a boy's present in a theme that appeals to his tastes and interests is a great way t
Here are some ideas for turning potato chip bags into elegant gift wrapping, as well as suggestions for turning wrapped gifts into stunning holiday packages.
Let your kids help you with wrapping your gifts this year by finding a few easy ways to involve them. The recipients will appreciate their thoughtfulness, and your kids will learn about the joy of giving.
A short look around your house will reveal a host of different materials you can wrap your presents with, all of which will look great while saving you money.
While some people love wrapping holiday gifts, others put it off until the last possible moment. If you tend to procrastinate, use these five tips to get motivated and finally finish your holiday duties.
Most people consider a wrapped gift a single present. However, the wrapping can be a gift in and of itself when you spend a little extra time and effort. Your friends and family will enjoy the extra effort.
Wrapped presents add an element of excitement and surprise to your holiday celebrations. Create your own DIY bows from a variety of materials at home.
Consider these innovative, alternative ways to wrap holiday gifts with items you have on hand.
Sometimes, a gift's unusual shape gives it away, straight through the wrapping paper. Boxing a gift and then wrapping it is easiest, but other options help you cope even if a box isn't available. When you're trying to gift an abnormally shaped object
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