An organized homework station can help children focus and complete their work more quickly. Here are five easy ways to create the perfect homework setting using a few simple guidelines.
What's the point of packing a lunch if your kids won't eat it, right? If you've run into a rut and your children are coming home from school hungry, here are five quick and easy ways to make healthy, kid-friendly lunches they'll love.
Kid typically think homework is a drag. That's why getting them to do school work at home (and do it well) can be a struggle for parents. Here's some advice to help kids better manage the work they're given.
If back-to-school season has you and your children stressed, here are 12 simple things you can do to help make the transition from summer vacation into a new school year a breeze.
The secret to packing healthy school lunches your kids will enjoy comes down to three important things: variety, freshness and presentation. Here are 5 back-to-school lunch ideas your kids won't be able to resist.
The transition from lazy days filled with free time to a more structured schedule of learning needn't be difficult for you or your children. Believe it or not, decluttering your home can help make the change from summer vacation to being in school an
Going back to school is a big deal for everyone, parents included. To help make the first day of school a breeze and set a positive tone for the rest of the year, here are four common mistakes you'll want to avoid.
For kids, the end of summer usually means the fun is over for yet another year . . . or is it? Using a few clever tricks, you can fill your child with anticipation for the brand-new school year instead of dread. Here are five ways that really work.
Back-to-school time can be a downer for children, especially after a care-free summer spent outdoors for hours on end. The good news? Returning to school needn't be torture for you or your kids. Here's are three ideas for getting them excited about t
Heading back to school is a bummer for many kids. So what's the perfect way to get them excited about returning to the classroom after a summer of fun? By throwing a themed back-to-school party! Here are four great ideas any child will adore.
If you're having trouble preparing snacks your kids will eat, then these tasty and easy-to-make treats are not only sure to be a hit with your child, but they're also packed with nutrients to help keep them going all the way until suppertime.
Most back-to-school supply lists cover the basics, but no matter how prepared you think you are, you might miss something. Save yourself a second trip to the store and plan ahead with these extra items.
Being organized isn't something that always comes naturally to kids. Here are three hints for teaching your child how to keep his or her room and workspace tidy during the school year.
Starting a new school is always a source of anxiety for children, especially on the first day: strange surroundings, new teachers and no friends can make it a day to dread. So what can you do to help calm your child's jitters? Here are three ways to
Before the first bell rings, tick these things off your list to help your child start the new school year right.
Back-to-school shopping doesn't have to be expensive. Follow some of these smart shopping strategies to help you cut costs before the new school year.
With every new school year comes the challenge of homework. Prevent an argument with a few fresh ways to get through the assignments without a fuss.
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