Luckily for gardeners, lavender looks as good as it smells. But did you know that along with being versatile, it's also easy to grow in your garden for a flash of vibrant purple that's sure to draw attention. Here are seven things you should know abo
Sold in a wide array of colours, shapes and sizes, roses are a classic in the garden. And although choice is good, the many different rose types can make it tough to pick which one you should plant. Here's some info about the most common rose types t
Viburnums have it all: attractive foliage that changes colour in the fall, graceful flowers in white and pink, and prolific berries that feed birds in the cold months. There are a lot of options, but we'll help you choose the right plant for your lan
Adaptable and long-lived, hydrangeas are deciduous shrubs smothered under their immense heads of papery florets from summer until fall. The handsome flower clusters, excellent for cutting and drying, appear on the tips of upright stems clothed in dee
Astilbes are truly majestic when topped by a profusion of white, pink, salmon, lilac or red feathery blossoms that linger for weeks in summer. However, don't be fooled by their delicate-looking flowers or fern-like foliage. These splendid perennials
Boasting some of the most beautiful flowers of any vine, clematis produces abundant blossoms in a range of colours that include blue, purple, red, pink, yellow and white. Having trouble deciding which type to plant? Here's some help so that you can c
Without a doubt, chrysanthemums are the benchmark annuals for fall, whether grown in containers or in beds. Here is some indispensable advice if you're keen to cultivate these breathtaking flowers in your garden.
Daylilies, when properly cared for, can last much longer than their namesake. Here are six proven hints to help extend the life of these majestic, eye-catching perennials for a splash of bold colour everyone will notice.
The beauty of begonias lies in their versatility. They can be found in shrub beds or by themselves in containers. Here are ways to get the most from these pretty annuals.
Petunias come in just about any colour except orange, which makes them a top choice for gardeners among summer-flowering annuals. Here are five helpful pointers for growing these care-free flowers in your garden for maximum colour and appeal.
When you want vivid garden colour without a lot of fuss, look no further than cosmos -- not the stars in the sky but the colourful flower. Here are some interesting facts and tips to help you grow your own.
Potted herbs are a delight for any cook. You can grow them on your patio of your house or balcony of your condo. They smell great and enhance any dish.
A balcony garden works well if you have limited space but still want to garden. You might think you can only keep flowers in a balcony garden, but various other plants — including edibles — can be grown. Here's the important factors to consider.
There are lots of benefits to container gardening, especially the freedom to move your containers anywhere you want. Here are three tips for designing and maintaining an eye-catching container garden that will add a splash of colour wherever you plac
There’s nothing like a fresh, juicy tomato from your own yard. The taste is second to none and they can be used in everything from salads to pasta sauces. To make a tomato plant grow healthily, you need to prune regularly. These 4 tips will help.
Window boxes offer an elegant place to grow flowers and plants. They look beautiful from the outside and can also be enjoyed from the inside. Here are eleven ideas for dressing up your windows with flower boxes.
Some of your favourite spring blooms can be grown indoors months ahead of time. Here's the easiest way to "force" flowers and get a jump on the growing season.
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