Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) is a neurological and behavioural disorder, with symptoms often expressed early during childhood development. Here are 5 common signs of ADHD in children.
Some parents experience shock when their child is diagnosed with ADHD, while others feel a sense of relief—at least now they know where the problem lies. Here's what to do after your child's diagnosis.
Taking your kids on trips to the water can be a great way to keep them entertained and have family fun together. Heading to a pool, lake, or beach can provide relief from hot weather; however, it is important to make sure you know how to keep your ki
Every child experiences worry and anxiety at some point, especially growing up and doing things for the first time. But if this worry starts interfering with your child's ability to function, here are some methods that can help.
Staying focused in school is even harder for kids with ADHD. As a parent, there are ways to help keep your child on track if you're concerned about their education.
Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) is one of the most common misdiagnoses in children. There's no doubt that ADHD is an issue for some kids, but the potential for misdiagnosis exists.
Asthma prevention begins in the womb and continues through childhood. From diet to lifestyle adjustments, here are seven precautionary measures you can take to reduce the risk of your child developing asthma.
Whooping cough, which may also be known as pertussis, is a highly contagious disease that affects the respiratory system. Whooping cough is most common in infants and young children, so knowing the most common symptoms is essential for prompt diagnos
Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) affects more than 10 per cent of children in the world, and those numbers are climbing. Today, many physicians may argue that diet does not play a role in this neurodevelopmental disorder, but the conse
The annoying coughing, sneezing and runny noses that signal a common cold are all too familiar, especially in the winter months. Fortunately, this minor illness usually passes quickly and without complication when it's treated with rest and fluids. H
When your kids are sick, they need a lot of bed rest and plenty of TLC. It's also important that they eat well in order to get better and keep their energy up. Certain foods will be more appealing to kids, especially when they're sick. That's when co
Sending your child off to school with a snack shouldn't mean sacrificing health for the sake of convenience. Here are some ideas and easy recipes for healthy snack packs you can send with your child to school. They will also keep well over the course
DIY projects help develop children's creativity and resourcefulness, but as is the case with any project, safety must be taught to ensure kids are protected from injuries while enjoying their craft.
Although more than half of all North American women breastfeed for at least the first few weeks, many mothers elect to bottle-feed. They should be assured that commercial formulas provide all the essential nutrients and babies thrive on them. Here is
Proper early nutrition is important. The eating patterns established in infancy determine how well a baby grows and also influence lifelong food habits and attitudes. Here are some tips to give your child a nutritional head start.
By taking some simple steps to make the concept of time more concrete for your child, you can help them learn to adjust their pace to meet deadlines large and small.
Here are some tips that might help you decide whether your child is ready for ADHD medication.
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