Small businesses keep our neighbourhoods vibrant and help drive local economies across the country. Celebrate Small Business Month this October by supporting local entrepreneurs in your community.
For when you want to pull out all the stops this holiday season, these festive drinks are sure to keep guests happy.
If there's ever an occasion that calls for a lot of glitz, glam and show business style, it's an old Hollywood glamour birthday party.
Are you stuck in a rut with friends? Always doing the same old, same old when you get together? Sometimes it’s fun to try something new when you go out as a group, and create special, memorable evenings with friends. Here are a few ideas to get start
Are you getting ready to entertain a large group at home, but concerned about how to pull it off in style? Whether you've got plenty of room or just a cozy corner, these five easy tips will help you accommodate a group so you can focus on enjoying yo
When it comes to kids' birthday parties, there is none more festive and colourful than one with a Mexican theme, so take advantage of all the delicious food and bright colours in keeping with this theme. Your child will have a fantastic day and the g
If you're hesitant about getting in front of the mic on karaoke night, use these tips to get over those first-time jitters.
It's the weekend and you want to get out and do something fun and different. Karaoke bars are an excellent activity for couples, first dates, and friends alike. It's intimidating to get up in front of a crowd of strangers and belt out a tune alone; i
Auctions can be tough places to navigate for a beginner, but with some helpful tips, you'll be able to find out where to go for auctions and how to put your best bid forward.
You've found a catering service that you like, and you are ready to go with it, but you're still unsure about some things. Here are some ways to make sure your guests, and your wallet, are happy.
Following this quick guide to throwing a themed birthday party in your own backyard can help you put together a party your kid and his or her friends will love while also saving some money. It all comes down to a simple set up that can turn an ordina
Need ideas for a birthday party but don't want to spend a fortune on lavish decorations? Try one of these three party themes for your child's next birthday. They are simple, fun and inexpensive, and they're great for all ages, too.
In just 365 days, you've watched your tiny newborn grow into a curious, inquisitive and engaging baby. Your youngster's first birthday party should commemorate this milestone birthday with food, fun and festivity that you can enjoy with your family a
Dinner parties can be a lot of fun, but hosts can easily get overwhelmed by the organization and the pressure of making everyone feel comfortable. Follow these tips for a perfect, stress-free evening.
A last-minute dinner party doesn't have to be as stressful as it sounds. Play the perfect host with these food, drink and decor ideas.
These are two wonderful holiday treats you can make ahead, store, and serve when the guests are craving something sweet.
Building your party menu and decorations around a theme or specific event will help you to make a big splash for less money. Here are five themed parties that will allow you to tailor the party for effect rather than expense.
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