Renting a car for travel can be easy, but it's smart to do a little research before signing a rental contract. It'll help ensure you get the best deal possible and avoid hidden costs. Here are four key things to keep in mind.
Worn tires are a risk to drivers, especially at high speeds and in poor weather. Are yours still safe to use? Here are three quick ways to check if it's time to replace your tires and how to prevent them from prematurely wearing out.
You spend lots of time in your car, right? So it's only normal for dirt and grime to get trapped in it. Here are seven steps to cleaning the interior of your car simply, cheaply and thoroughly.
Has our harsh Canadian winter left your car a gritty, grimy mess once again? Here are four great tips for washing your car that minimize waste and harm to the environment.
Just as exercise, rest, eating well and annual check-ups are key to staying healthy, preventative maintenance on your car will keep it on the road and out of the garage – which in turn will save you money. Here are 7 tips to keep your car in top shap
Buying the right antifreeze is more than just matching the colour of your old coolant. You need antifreeze that's specially designed for your car’s engine.
Don't get caught unprepared on icy roads this season. Choosing the right winter tires for your vehicle can keep you safe when road conditions turn treacherous.
A regular car wash will help protect your car from the harsh winter weather. It will also protect the value of your car by saving you money on costly repairs. Here are five tips to remember the next time you need to wash your car in the winter.
Winter driving requires more skill than driving on dry, summertime pavement. Here's a few tips on how to survive the snow and ice.
Whether it's a driver's first time behind the wheel or just their first winter, taking to the road during icy, snowy conditions poses unique challenges. For safer, more comfortable winter driving, everyone should enter their first snowy season on the
Motorcycles are a great mode of transportation. If you're planning on storing your bike through the winter, here are some tips that can help make sure it stays safe.
Learn the most important features to look for when buying high-performance snow tires so you can be prepared for icy roads this winter.
Cars are expensive! They need to be purchased or leased, insured, repaired, and serviced. We'll go over some places where car owners commonly overspend, helping you keep your car in good condition for less.
Saving money on your car means more than finding the best price for a litre of gas. Maintaining and repairing your car will save you both money and headaches.
There's no doubt that owning a car will cost you money, but when it comes time to take your car in for repairs, you can save by asking the right questions and shopping around for the best service and price.
You want wheels that serve you well. Even the hottest sports car won't handle well and safely if you ignore these essential components.
The air you breathe while driving passes through filters before reaching you. By changing them regularly, you can help protect your health and engine’s performance.
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