Is it a good time to buy a new car? What is a test drive like in the social distancing age? If you want to buy a new car in COVID times, here’s what you need to know about the new buying process.
Winter driving is tough on your vehicle and requires extra safety precautions. Here are some critical tips to help you prepare your car for winter.
Just as exercise, rest, eating well and annual check-ups are key to staying healthy, preventative maintenance on your car will keep it on the road and out of the garage – which in turn will save you money. Here are 7 tips to keep your car in top shap
Long-distance motorcycle trips can be a rite of passage or a regular event; either way, they're sure to be a great adventure. These five mechanical checks should be second nature to ensure your safety before you head off.
Find out all you need to know about washing your car, including frequency and best practices.
Don't get caught unprepared on icy roads this season. Choosing the right winter tires for your vehicle can keep you safe when road conditions turn treacherous.
Extreme heat or cold is a great way to kill a car battery if it isn't properly maintained or if you don't have the right one for your vehicle. And although you may never have to survive Whitehorse's bitterly icy winters or endure Regina's blistering
Buying the right antifreeze is more than just matching the colour of your old coolant. You need antifreeze that's specially designed for your car’s engine.
Quality winter tires will perform well on dangerously slippery roads for years to come if they’re properly maintained. What’s more, a little routine care when storing your tires will help to avoid unpleasant surprises the next time you pull them out
It's easy to forget that extra caution is needed to drive when the snow and ice hits: stopping distances are longer, handling is less responsive and cold temperatures can affect the performance of your tires. Here's some simple driving advice to help
It's easy to forget that winter driving requires more skills than driving on dry, summertime pavement. Before the first snow of the season hits – if it hasn't already – here are a few refresher tips on how to stay safe when road surfaces turn slick w
Winter driving means being prepared for any situation that could leave you and your vehicle stranded thigh-high in deep snow in the middle of nowhere. That's why a car emergency kit is a must. But do you know what items should be in it? Here are nine
With the days getting noticeably shorter there's no doubt that it's time to prepare for winter, which means installing winter tires on your vehicle for optimal handling and safety. But should you buy studded or studless winter tires? Here's what expe
Although your province may not require you to install winter tires on your vehicle by law, when the snow piles up and the roads get slick they help to improve safety substantially. Here's what you should know when looking for quality winter tires tha
Need to get your car repaired or have some basic maintenance done? Not sure how to find the best mechanic for the job? A great way is to check out the ratings and reviews on, but you can also call a few mechanics or garages in your area and com
To find the right wiper blades for your car, you need to understand your windshield's needs. Discover the key specs with this helpful guide.
Are you in the market for a new car but not sure which dealership is your best option? A great way is to check out the ratings and reviews on, but you can also call a few dealerships in your area and compare their answers to these key questions
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