Improve your physical and mental health with a daily dose of exercise. Take your fitness to the next level with weights, resistance bands, balance balls and other exercise equipment designed to use at home.
Awe walking is the latest wellness trend that Canadians are embracing to help combat the stress and anxiety brought on by COVID-19. Try purposefully channelling a sense of awe on your next walk and feel your internal worries melt away.
If you don’t already stretch regularly you’re missing out on greater flexibility, energy and a better mood. Not to mention all those muscle aches and pains you probably feel. Try one of these stretch routines for a longer, leaner, and happier you.
Try a HIIT workout from home to get a rush of those feel-good brain chemicals, no equipment required, in as little as 20 minutes.
If you’re stuck at home without access to the gym that’s no excuse for skipping workouts and giving up on dreams of a toned summer body. Whether you’re new to training at home or have a solid background in weight training we’ve got great free resourc
Exercise shouldn't be confined to working out in a gym or pounding the pavement. It should also be about having fun. Fortunately, there are many painless ways you can easily add activity to your lifestyle without viewing it as punishment. Here are se
Although winter means colder temperatures and fewer hours of daylight, they're no reason to stay indoors. Instead of reaching for the thermostat and resigning yourself to the couch until spring, here are four fun winter sports that'll keep you warm.
You bend over to blow out the 40 candles on your birthday cake. Suddenly, you feel a sharp twinge in your lower back – a reminder that your knees have been acting up lately. The thought of getting to the gym seems tiring. The reality? To combat the e
A new year is a great time to make health-related resolutions. However, if you've never been an active person, it can be a challenge to start exercising regularly. To help you get off the couch without being overwhelmed, here are four simple New Year
Walking is a great form of exercise for people of all ages and physical abilities. However, sometimes the responsibilities of work, home and family leave little energy by the day's end to stick with a regular walking routine. Here are eight great tip
If you're among the few who regularly exercise at the gym, give yourself a pat on the back. It means you're disciplined and have the right attitude about staying healthy. That's not to say, however, motivation never flags for even the most committed
If you're committed to staying fit, you need to plan smart. Here are some time-saving tips for squeezing in a workout during your lunch hour.
Although tennis is great exercise and fun, the problem is winter makes playing outside impossible. What's more, finding indoor tennis facilities that suit your needs can be a challenge. Here's some advice about what to look for in an indoor tennis cl
The work week can sometimes be so crazy it leaves you exhausted for ideas to keep you and the family active on Saturday and Sunday. Here are five healthy suggestions for squeezing in some fun physical fitness over the weekend.
It's often difficult to find time to fit exercise into a busy schedule. But by breaking it up into three shorter bursts of activity, lasting 10 minutes each, you can easily achieve your daily quota. The trick? Build activity into your everyday life.
Are you tired of always walking around the block for exercise? To help shake up your boring walking routine – and make walking enjoyable again – here are four indispensable tips.
It's so simple and convenient it couldn't possibly count as exercise, right? Wrong. Study after study shows that regular moderate walking can help you to lose weight and reduce your risk of heart disease.
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