Although diabetes is a serious and increasingly common health concern, exercise can stack the deck in your favour and potentially even reverse the effects of the disease. Here’s how even minor physical activity can help make big a difference managing
Simply put, diabetes is a condition in which the cells of your body can't absorb glucose from your bloodstream. Glucose, or blood sugar, is the basic fuel every cell needs to operate. Here are a some basic facts about diabetes, how it's caused, and h
Carbs are the "enemy" of anyone who needs to watch their blood sugar levels. That's why these three delicious potato recipes, each under 40 carbs per serving, are ones even people with diabetes can enjoy. Salad, scalloped and mashed – these amazing p
Breakfast is a crucial meal that you shouldn't do without, especially if you have diabetes or blood-sugar issues. Here are three reasons why a good breakfast is the best way to kick-start an active and productive day.
If you've been diagnosed with diabetes, an eating plan tailored to help you manage your blood-sugar levels is essential. Why? Because fluctuating blood sugar levels can affect you both physically and emotionally if uncontrolled. So who can help you?
Grilling is particularly beneficial for people with diabetes because it's a healthy cooking technique. Here are a few ways to make your outdoor cooking even more healthy without giving up flavour.
Dinner can be delicious without wreaking havoc on your blood sugar. Here are 11 tricks to getting more veggies into your evening meal – an important part of eating healthy especially if you have diabetes.
Although your doctor won't recommend that yoga should be the only way to treat certain major diseases, like diabetes, some studies have shown it has the power to help alleviate the symptoms. Here's how.
Type 2 diabetes is one of the fastest-growing diseases in the country. The good news is that it can be prevented or postponed by making healthy lifestyle choices. Here are a few tips on healthy eating, diabetes prevention and management from the Cana
Living with diabetes doesn't mean that you need to avoid sex. Here are some of our tips so your sex life is enjoyable, fun and safe.
While managing diabetes can be a challenge for older Canadians, here are some tips you can use to help your aging loved one live well with diabetes.
If you're the type of person who loves the rush of adrenaline , you don't have to completely forgo it just because of diabetes. Like all strenuous activity, though, there are precautions you need to take. Here are some tips so you're not caught in a
With holidays come fatty, high-carb feasts, irregular eating schedules and well-meaning relatives who just want you to have "one little bite." Take a few of the following steps to avoid some of this awkwardness, and stay moving.
It's essential to speak up during your visit to the doctor. What seems like a harmless bit of indigestion, an extra dry spot on your skin, a "floater" in your eye or tingling in the feet could indicate something more serious than you think.
The more often you test your blood sugar, the better you can hone in on the perfect combination of strategies related to medicine, diet and exercise for keeping it within reasonable targets.
A healthy employee is happier, more productive, more energetic and takes fewer sick days. As a result, businesses are offering more programs to help their workers track and improve their health. Take full advantage.
Protein is important for a diabetic's diet. It has little or no effect on blood sugar, and helps keep hunger at bay between meals. Since saturated fat contributes to insulin resistance, what you want more of is lean protein.
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