No visit to the sugar shack would be complete without this delicious dish that Canadians love and tourist are eager to try. At home, cooked slowly on a Saturday and warmed the next day, baked beans are perfect for Sunday brunch.
A slow cooker is the perfect addition to busy households. You can throw in your ingredients and leave them to cook all day. Hours later, you'll enjoy a delicious meal with hardly any effort. Here are some fun experiments to try with your slow cooker.
The trick to making a healthy, hearty meat stew is to include lots of vegetables and make a generous amount of full-bodied, low-fat gravy. Here's a recipe for delicious lamb stew:
The slow cooker might just be one of the best products created during the last 50 years. And although it can be a "set it and forget it" way to prepare a meal, there are some things you should do to avoid the most common mistakes made with slow cooke
Fall and winter are great seasons for delicious, warming comfort foods. And one of the easiest, most stress-free ways to make them is in a slow cooker. These 4 dishes are not only familiar and tasty, but they make cleaning up a cinch!
Making homemade bread in a slow cooker can actually be faster than the oven. Rather than making dough and waiting for it to rise before baking it, slow cookers let you place the dough inside the slow cooker immediately, where it rises more quickly, t
At some point every day, heads of households throughout Canada wonder: "What's for dinner?" Nothing beats a home-cooked meal, but making dinner from scratch takes time. Fortunately, there's a life hack that allows you to make a hearty meal in less ti
If you want to convert your favourite recipe or get creative with your slow cooker, here are a few things to know first.
With these five tricks for better slow-cooking, creating fantastic meals will be easier than ever before.
When the weather gets cold, it's time to stock your pantry with ingredients for a hearty stew. These recipes are the perfect meal in a bowl.
Bread pudding is a classic dessert made with simple pantry items like milk, eggs and flour. As the ingredients cook for hours in a slow cooker, flavours blend together, creating a rich and moist bread pudding. Here are a few ideas to get your creativ
If you want a big breakfast in the morning but don't have the time to cook, a slow cooker let’s you do most of the work the night before. Here are a few delicious breakfast ideas for a slow cooker.
Slow cookers are often used to cook meats and sauces, but you can also make a wide variety of foods ranging from breads to desserts in this appliance.
Tender meats make the best meals, but not all delicious, meaty meals start out that way. Beef cuts like filet mignon and porterhouse get raves because they contain consistent marbling, the even distribution of small amounts of fat that helps make mea
Entertaining is no easy feat, especially when you're preparing food for a large group. Here's how to let the slow cooker work its magic for your next event so you can spend more time entertaining and less time in the kitchen.
Slow-cooker meals are the ultimate in ease and affordability, and virtually any fruit or vegetable can be cooked in the slow-cooker. Check out our seasonal slow-cooker guide to get started.
A cross between a slow cooker, a clay pot oven and a stove top saucepan, a rice cooker is capable of more than just making rice. Read on for helpful suggestions on how to use a rice cooker to prepare three delicious slow cooker recipes.
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