For most of us, spa days are few and far between. Taking the time to do a little leg work and planning it out perfectly ensures that you get the most relaxation and beautification for your money.
Pimples seem to pop up before a big meeting, hot date or special occasion, so find out how to help get rid of them with these tips.
Whether you're dining out at a major national chain or a locally-owned family restaurant, following a few of these health-boosting tips will help you choose a meal that's pleasant while keeping your health goals firmly in view.
Cellulite creams don't exactly have a strong track record. Before finding a treatment, be sure to ask yourself these questions to learn more about what may work for you.
Our body naturally produces oil to protect us from dry skin, but it may not be enough. Why spend a fortune buying products when you can try natural home remedies instead? Read on to find out more.
Whether you're travelling on vacation or chilling at the local pool, here are helpful ways to prevent and treat four common skin woes that strike during the summer months.
People once thought a tan was healthy. If you still want that tanned look without going to the beach or tanning salon, here are four safe and alternative ways to achieve it.
Flyaways and frizz are just a couple of hair problems that can result from breakage. Here's how to protect your locks and prevent more broken hair damage.
When you're enjoying the great outdoors, the best way to treat bites and rashes is to avoid them in the first place. The essential ingredients of these homemade remedies can help prevent and treat skin ailments.
Eczema is a common skin problem that is sometimes caused by exposure to certain foods and environments. Here's that you need to know about eczema and some helpful tips for controlling eczema through diet.
Whether you prefer to drink concoctions or mixtures applied on your skin, these simple, at-home recipes will return the glow to your acne-prone skin.
A healthy diet is a key element in fighting high blood pressure, particularly the DASH diet. Read on to find out more.
Who wants to entrust their look to a stylist who just doesn’t get it? Here are a few tips for finding good hair salons if you want a makeover.
What are the trademarks of the very best hair salons? A pleasant atmosphere, well-trained staff, and stylists who have great hairstyles themselves.
You’d like a good cut and style that you don’t want to wash out as soon as you get home. So, how do you find an affordable hair salon that’s up to the job?
Men’s hairstyles have changed as guys now shamelessly join the ranks of fashion with haircuts that reflect their status and personality.
Modern barbershops have certainly changed a lot, but the classy and personalized service they offer has lost nothing of its old world charm.
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