Want to recreate a salon-quality blowout at home? Grab a round brush and follow these styling tricks to create a full-bodied hairstyle that’s frizz-free and has plenty of volume.
Does your hydrated, dewy skin turn tight and flaky in winter? Try these tips in our head-to-toe guide to prevent and treat dry winter skin.
Want to update your hairstyle for fall? From edgy buzz cuts to low maintenance colour treatments, here are six hot trends for men and women to try this season.
Yes, you can have a flawless complexion. These easy habits, treatments and tips will help you get your best skin ever.
Whether you’re visiting your favourite salon for a professional manicure or working on your nail polish skills at home, here are six new nail art trends to try this summer.
Skip the pricey salon products and try these five simple homemade hair treatments to restore dry hair to its former silky and shiny self.
Sunbathing can make you look and feel great but, if not done with care, sun exposure can cause sunburn, wrinkles, brown spots and even skin cancer. Try these tips to get a great summer tan without the sun damage.
Looking for pro tips on how to cut your own hair at home? With a little guidance you can freshen up your ‘do and successfully cut your own hair at home. Check out these tips and helpful video tutorials for the best advice on how to cut your own hair
Studies show that people who get their recommended daily intake of vegetables see many different health benefits. We'll give you some easy tips to get more of these nutritious and antioxidant-loaded foods into your diet.
It's easy to enhance the natural beauty of your eyes with subtle highlighting and shadow. Following these three steps, you can create your perfect look, whether for a night out with friends, a holiday party, or simply because it makes you feel radian
Ready to change your hairstyle? Although a great cut can completely transform your look, do you know which style will highlight your best features? If you’re set to take the leap with a brand-new haircut, here’s some advice to help you find the perfe
These 4 fat-burning foods have been proven to speed up the metabolism, which ultimately helps accelerate the weight loss process.
Curious about hair training? By cutting back on your hair washing habit and switching up your styling products, you can teach your tresses to produce less oil over time for a more low-maintenance routine.
What should you do to preserve your summer glowing hair, nails and skin? Follow these tips to keep yourself looking great despite the chilling temperatures.
Protecting your skin from the bitter winter winds and frigid cold is important, but proper care to keep it smooth and soft is about more than just covering up when the temperatures drop. These four simple tips will help you to prevent the dry and fla
Wintertime is tough on your skin, especially if you use soap a lot. The result? Dry skin that's rough, drawn and lack-luster. Left untreated, it can flake, crack and potentially split open like a cut. Here are three simple secrets to help keep your s
Eczema is a common skin condition sometimes caused by exposure to certain foods and the environment. Eczema is usually at its worst in winter. The dry, cold air triggers intense itching that no amount of scratching can stop. Here's what you should kn
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