For many people, a cruise is a dream come true. And despite the pitfalls of all-you-can-eat buffets, the truth is, cruises can be just as healthy and active as you want them to be. So pack your sneakers, swimsuit and dancing shoes, and follow these t
When it comes to your diabetes medications and injection supplies, "traveling light" can lead to heavy regret. If you rely on these items to keep your diabetes under control while you're at home, you're also going to need them while you're on the roa
Regular travellers know that doing your homework before you leave is the best way to make your trip an enjoyable experience – and one that is respectful of the local people and environment. Just reaching the destination can be exhausting, so equip yo
Horseback riding is not only great exercise, this relaxing past-time is often used for different kinds of therapy as well.
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