While Canada’s springtime weather can be unpredictable, spring is a great time to plant perennials and vegetables in your garden. Here are 8 seasonal plants to get in the ground right now.
New to growing your own vegetables? To help you get started, we’ve rounded up our list of the top 10 easiest vegetables to grow in your garden. Whether you choose to start these veggies from seeds or purchase plants from your local garden centre, you
Don’t let a lack of outdoor space prevent you from starting your own vegetable garden indoors. You’ll enjoy fresh produce year-round, cleaner air and the satisfaction of growing your own food. Read on for our guide to starting your own indoor garden.
Your gardening toolkit need not be extensive, but it should contain a few basic items for working the soil and for moving materials from one location to another. Here is a rundown of the essentials that should be in your shed.
Once you've decided where you're going to set up your garden, there is preparatory work to be done. The garden site needs to be cleared of rocks, plants, weeds, lawn, undergrowth and all garbage. Here are some more steps for preparing the perfect hom
Growing the perfect garden is no easy task. Here are the best tips and tricks to help you get beautiful blooms next spring and every year to come, even if you don't have a green thumb.
In need of a landscaper or landscape designer but not sure how to find the best one? A great way is to check out the ratings and reviews on YP.ca, but you can also call a few landscapers or landscape designers in your area and compare their answers t
Although there are still a few warm fall days in the forecast, don’t fool yourself: before you know it, Old Man Winter will arrive. Will you (and your garden) be ready to handle whatever he throws your way? To help you prepare for the snow and bitter
Walking into a garden centre or home improvement store can be completely overwhelming: often they have so much variety that it's difficult to decide which plants to choose. To help you narrow down your shopping list and pick flowers and vegetables to
A quality lawn mower can last for years. When well-maintained, it may even last for decades. Here are seven foolproof ways to prolong the life of your mower by keeping it in tip-top shape to help ensure summer after summer of trouble-free service.
Gardening tools keep going missing? Can't find the new secateurs you got last year? And where exactly is the tree saw? Clean, sharp tools are of no use if you can't find them. If you've been avoiding the chaotic mess in your garden shed, help has arr
There are plenty of good reasons to add mulch to your garden. In summer, mulch helps keep soil temperatures cool and save water. In winter, it reduces the negative impact of bitterly cold weather on dormant plants. Here are a few tips to prepare your
Whether you're working with hardy annuals, short-lived perennials or true biennials, starting flowers in late summer to bloom the following spring often seems like a form of green magic.
Whether you love or hate doing it, raking leaves is an inevitable fall ritual. It's also an opportunity to harvest mulch and soil amendments for your garden. Here are nine practical ways to get rid of leaves and how you can put them to use in the gar
Weeds are the bane of any gardener, so it's important to get ahead of them. Whether you're tending to a giant flower bed or simply adding some colour to your patio with planters, here are three tips to help you out.
The world of flower bulbs is awash with countless colours, textures, varieties and fragrances. That's why spring- and summer-flowering bulbs are so popular. What's more, they can be remarkably care-free. Here's what you should know about planting and
With the approach of winter, we'll soon be into mulching season. But do you know how to properly add mulch to your garden? Here are seven important things you should know to help protect your garden over winter, so it has a good start next season.
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