Birds, rabbits, squirrels, raccoons and other animals can be cute – until they start messing up your yard or eating your garden. Here are seven ways to deter animals from destroying your garden.
Weeds are the bane of any gardener, so it's important to get ahead of them. Whether you're tending to a giant flower bed or simply adding some colour to your patio with planters, here are three tips to help you out.
When it comes to having a lovely garden, who doesn't enjoy the idea of all those wonderful flowers minus the hard work caring for them. You can save yourself lots of time and money in the long-run by carefully planning a low-maintenance garden. Here
With scarlet runner bean, you can have your ornamental vine and eat it, too! Producing colourful flowers followed by edible green snap beans, the more beans you pick from the vine, the more flowers it will grow. Here are some hints for properly plant
Pretty but pushy, wisteria can be an awesome vine provided you’re willing to train it properly. Here are four proven techniques to help you grow and keep your wisteria tame, but still stunning.
Producing long-lasting flower-like bracts above handsome foliage, euphorbias are virtually trouble-free plants for any sunny garden. Here are some helpful hints for selecting, planting and growing this low-maintenance plant.
The dramatic beauty of fuchsias has made them a top choice for growing in pots kept near outdoor living areas. Here are four simple tricks for healthy and full fuchsias.
With drought a daily consideration in many people's lives and clean water a limited but precious resource, water conservation is on many minds. There's only so much water to work with, but if we can keep it in our area, we can enjoy an abundance of w
If your garden is otherwise a lush, green oasis, crabgrass can really put a damper on things. Here's how to get rid of it.
Although chemical-based weed killers do the job, there are greener alternatives that are easy to make at home. Whatever your views, it's always wise to first use weed killers with low toxicity before moving on to harsher ones. Here are five natural w
Excessive heat from continuous sun exposure can be devastating to plants. Here are seven tips for dealing with such heat extremes to help you avoid a gardening disaster.
Maintaining a clean lawn edge is a really simple way to make your lawn look tidy and professional. It's a small technique, but the frame for your yard makes your entire property look great!
Nothing is more satisfying than picking fresh produce from your own garden. Here are 10 key pointers for starting up your very own veggie patch.
Need to protect your plants from animals or treat bug bites on a budget? Here are five money-saving tips to help solve your pesky summer problems!
Whether your space is a deck, balcony, patio or porch, it can serve as a delightful outdoor area when furnished with beautiful plants and gorgeous containers. Here are four creative ideas to help you achieve precisely that.
A quality lawn mower can last for years. When well-maintained, a mower may even last for decades! Here are seven ways to prolong the life of your mower by keeping it in tip-top shape.
With so many plants to choose from, finding the best new plants for your garden can be a challenge. Instead of using the trial-and-error method, use these strategies to become a smart plant shopper.
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