Not every long-distance road trip involves a car. Sometimes they require only two wheels, as anyone who owns a motorcycle will tell you. Even the most liberating of these trips, however, can be made better. Here are five tips to help ensure your next
Motorcycles are a great mode of transportation. If you're planning on storing your bike through the winter, here are some tips that can help make sure it stays safe.
Urban motorcycle riding is one of the most challenging activities in the world; it's an extreme, but functional sport. But those who brave the urban jungle on a regular basis need to be properly equipped. While safety is of the utmost importance, som
Motorcycle riding can be an excellent way for you and your dog to spend time together bonding and discovering new destinations. These days, there are several devices available that can turn your dog into your biker buddy.
Choosing a motorcycle brand, style, and engine size can feel overwhelming, especially when you're trying to save money. These four ideas will help you pick out the right motorcycle for your needs while keeping costs down.
Motorcycling is one of the more thrilling forms of transportation, but the freedom is also dangerous. Here are some tips for staying safe on a motorcycle:
Severely rusted chrome might have to be replaced or re-chromed, but some pretty unsightly rust can be cleaned away. After removing rust, a good coat of polish can help to make sure the rust does not come back. Pitted and rusty chrome makes a motorcyc
Canada's Traffic Safety Act regulates the extent to which vehicles, including motorcycles, may be personalized. Here are two ideas for creatively customizing your motorcycle without breaking the bank or the law.
Whether you've been riding for years or are brand new to motorcycles, everyone wants to get a great deal when they buy a used bike. Here's the lowdown on how find a quality used motorcycle for a fair price.
Just like buying a car, very few people enjoy negotiating on a motorcycle purchase. Here's what you need to know in order to negotiate a great deal on a motorcycle.
Owning a motorcycle can bring a lot of joy to your life. It's a fun way to travel and a cool toy to show off, especially to a passenger. Here are some tips for keeping a passenger safe on your motorcycle.
If it's freedom that you seek, there is no better way to find it than behind the handlebars of a motorcycle. With the wind in your face and the open road before you, it is a one of a kind freedom. If you want to explore North America on your motorcyc
Offering affordability, convenience and style, electric scooters have become a popular way to get around for many Canadians. Here are some helpful hints for charging your electric scooter and caring for its battery.
People who love motorcycles have a need for speed, so it's no surprise that many of them also love equally adrenaline-inducing music. If you want to add some accessories to your bike that will let you enjoy music while you're on the road -- from a qu
Long-distance motorcycle trips can be a wonderful experience, providing plenty of adventure and unforgettable thrills. However, it's important to properly prepare for, and realise, the challenges that a long-distance motorcycle trip involves. The fol
In order to drive a motorcycle, you need to have an updated motorcycle license, which is different from the one you need to drive a car. Here are some tips that will help you obtain your motorcycle license.
Motorcyclists love hitting the open road and the feeling of freedom riding can provide. Follow these tips to reduce likelihood of injury and ensure you're able to enjoy riding for years to come.
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