Summer is the perfect season to elevate your outdoor cooking skills. Get ready for your next backyard cookout with these 10 grilling hacks that will make you a BBQ pro.
Whether your Dad is a meat-eater, a seafood fan, or a veggie-lover, these creative, mouthwatering BBQ menus are sure to make his Father’s Day extra memorable.
These six creative caterers across Canada have pivoted from formal events to creating gourmet meal kits, ready-to-eat entrées, and virtual cooking lessons to be enjoyed at home.
Remember when you used to run to the grocery store when you ran out of something? Times have changed. Since the pandemic, we grocery shop less often, spend a lot more, and rarely step inside a grocery store. Whether you’re an online grocery shopping
If you’re asking 'why grill pizza?' clearly you’ve never tasted pizza on the BBQ. The ultra-high heat of the grill mimics that of a restaurant pizza oven and gives crust that smoky flavour and yummy charred bits everyone loves. Ready to get grilling?
When the weather warms up it’s time to ditch the kitchen and fire up the grill. From the classics like hamburgers, steak and ribs, to lighter options like chicken and salmon, this BBQ recipe collection will keep you grilling all season. Bonus: We’ve
Wine sales have grown rapidly in the last 20 years and more wine is available in Canadian stores than ever before. Few of us are connoisseurs, so here's some ways to decide on a bottle.
In today’s world of unabashed foodies, getting in on the food photography game can seem a little daunting. But there’s a reason why #food is one of the most popular hashtags on Instagram – our culture loves food and, unsurprisingly, we love to see wh
Big, bold taste and chunky bits of tender clam is the trademark of these authentic clam chowders. These easy home recipes not only taste wonderful, but they actually cost very little to make.
In the market for a gas grill? Want to know you're getting one that will keep on grilling? Here's how to make your pick, and what to do to keep it grilling for many burgers to come.
On a cold winter's day, few things are more soothing or relaxing than an aromatic cup of steaming tea. To warm up your insides when the weather gets nippy, here are two sweet 'n' spicy tea recipes that taste decadent but are easy to make.
Wintertime means cold, blustery days and early sunsets, both good reasons to curl up at home and cook dinner in your own cosy kitchen. There's nothing better on a frigid, snowy night than a warm, hearty meal. Here are three comfort food recipes you c
Most chili recipes have a handle on the basics: ground meat, beans, tomatoes and spices. But the best secret weapon is Worcestershire sauce. This one also includes sausage, bacon and ground mustard for incredible flavour.
Want to preserve the delicate flavours of homegrown herbs for year-round use? The traditional method of air drying, which concentrates flavours, allows you to extend the shelf-life "freshness" of your favourite herbs. Here are some hints to help you
Grains contain boundless sources of minerals and energy, which are vital for health, and not to mention, great taste. Here's what you need to know about cooking with them.
Fruit syrups are easy to make and taste delicious added to sparkling mineral water, poured over pancakes or crèpes, and drizzled on ice cream or angel food cake. Check out these easy ways to make your own.
Pure Canadian maple syrup is more versatile than just a breakfast addition. Check out these 11 dishes that include maple syrup and you'll be in heaven!
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