Nothing beats a tomato still warm from the vine. If you're looking for new ways to preserve tomatoes to keep that garden-fresh flavour going all year round, these methods will fit the bill for tasty ingredients to enhance your cooking.
Apples are a versatile fruit used in everything from baked goods to apple juice. And why not? Their many sweet and vibrant varieties are often sold year round. Here are six ways to enjoy apples and how to pick the best variety for your eating or cook
Want to preserve the delicate flavours of homegrown herbs for year-round use? The traditional method of air drying, which concentrates flavours, allows you to extend the shelf-life "freshness" of your favourite herbs. Here are some hints to
Not all soups must be piping hot when served. Chilled soups can be refreshing on a scorching summer's day, especially these two delicious recipes.
For those who love outdoor dining, having a gas grill is a convenience and joy. That's why, whether you're pulling it out for summer or getting ready to store it away for winter, you'll want to ensure your gas grill is clean and in tip-top shape. Her
Fall is the peak season for warm-from-the-tree apples. If you're still baffled by all the available varieties – Which are best for eating raw? Which are better for baking? – as you peruse the apple section in the grocery store, here's some help in ch
Thinking of building your own smokehouse? Why not? Although smoking was once the standard for preserving meat, now it's an authentic way to relive the olden days while enjoying meats that have a superior depth of flavour. It's also a great way to sav
For a healthy and delicious start to your day, why not give one of these 3 smoothie recipes a try. Packed with vitamins, they're a flavourful way to take advantage of the goodness of fresh fruit.
Cheesecake is already awesome, but two more ways to enjoy it? One brimming with chocolatey goodness and the other a seasonal treat of pumpkin flavours, both recipes are bound to delight the senses!
More than a simple side dish to be served with eggs, bacon is a universal favourite for its versatility and decadent smoky flavour. Here are 12 extraordinary recipe ideas that will help make delicious bacon even more enjoyable!
With apple picking season around the corner, who doesn't dream of oven-fresh apple pie topped with a scoop of ice cream. After tasting this mouth-watering recipe, you and your family will never again enjoy another store-bought apple pie – it's simply
With rising grocery prices, it can be difficult to eat well. And although buying organic food on a budget may seem daunting, especially if grocery money is very tight, there are ways to do it. Here are three of them that won’t break the bank.
Nothing beats the summer heat quite like a cold, refreshing scoop of ice cream. But with lots of choices and busy vacation plans it’s hard to know where to stop for a frozen treat. So whose ice cream is worth the drive? We took into consideration a n
If the word "picnic" is synonymous in your mind with overstuffed sandwiches, potato salad and chips, this is for you. Here are some healthy ways to ensure that dining al fresco doesn't translate as dining al fatso!
What do Canadians possibly love more than hockey? Good food and drink. And from coast to coast there’s plenty of it: from distinctly local dishes to iconic Canadian beverages and more, Canadians excel at serving up some of the best you’ll find anywhe
One of the most delicious comfort foods that people can make are barbecued ribs. Though they can be difficult to barbecue, here are four tips to get your barbecued ribs tasting great.
Is outdoor grilling an art form in your books? If so, then here are some features to look for when buying an outdoor grill.
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