Looking forward to celebrating this Easter but unsure where to start? Here are five ideas to help you create beautiful Easter flower arrangements for your home.
These three great DIY home decor ideas use things you already have in and around the house.
The fresh scent of lavender is associated with cleanliness, and this is not surprising since the name of the plant comes from the Latin word meaning "to wash". Here's how to easily make your own sachets.
Just like flowers in a pot or a bouquet, an easy-to-make wreath of fresh flowers can be used to decorate your home and welcome your guests. Here are some tips for success with this decorative piece.
If you want to scent your home, there's no need to buy commercial products. At very little cost, you can make mixtures that contain no chemicals and neutralize odours rather than masking them. These dry potpourris are highly fragrant and easy to prep
There's a unique pleasure in receiving customized cards. To create them, dried flowers and plants are just the ticket. But before you start, consider the following four tips and tricks, which will definitely come in handy when making them.
Do you have plants, and do you wish to design elegant objects but that are easy to make? Nothing's easier. Follow these simple steps and you will have homemade candlesticks and paintings that will amaze both your family and your guests.
To make the room your own, why not construct something completely unique? Here's how to make some great D.I.Y. headboards to spruce up any plain bed and spice up your bedroom.
With a few tools and materials, you can make the holidays memorable. Here are some creative DIY ideas for fabric Christmas ornaments sure to light up any room!
3 tips to frame and display photos.
Tips to glam up a chandelier or make a ceiling medallion.
Juicy and delicious apples make a tasty and healthy snack. However, there are plenty of innovative uses for apples besides simply eating them. Here are some creative uses for apples that let you take advantage of the versatility of this amazing fruit
If you're looking for a colourful and stylish way to decorate a room, consider decorating wood or concrete floors with painted stencil designs.
An exceptionally clean and open fleece can be spun with no further preparation, but most fleeces need to be opened out first in a process called carding. The easiest carder to use is a flick carder which is a series of bent metal wires mounted on a h
Whether your wine cork collection represents memories of special events, reminds you of the wines you've tried, or is just where you keep the corks ― take heart! The spongy texture, rich and often crimson-tinged hue, and cylindrical shape of wine cor
These fun and easy art projects using nature's bounty will keep your children happily busy for hours.
Baskets and containers are essential for an organized household. These creative ideas can help bring order to your home's most chaotic items.
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