Served steaming and fresh from the pot on a cold winter’s day, soup is more than simply a one-dish meal. It’s pretty much all that you’ll want. Here are 15 heavenly soup recipes that’ll help you keep warm when the temperature outside plummets.
The dough of this focaccia is enriched with olive oil, fresh rosemary and seasoned with salt before cooking. Variations on the recipe, using other herbs or chopped olives, provide a traditional taste that will take you back to the old country.
Cheesy and delicious, this classic dish will have you coming back for seconds! A new spin on a family favourite, it has hidden veggies for a healthy kick.
If you love fried chicken but not the fat or calories, then this is the recipe for you. In this take on a traditional fried chicken recipe, buttermilk lends a rich flavour while the cornflakes add a crispy crust to these healthy, oven-fried chicken p
With a playful mix of rich flavours that includes butternut squash, kidney beans and a touch of white wine, your taste buds (and family) are sure to be delighted by this delicious chicken stew that's second to none. And to top it off, it's also nutri
On a cool fall day, nothing beats a warm bowl of soup cradled between chilled fingers. What's more, savoury soups are a healthy and delicious way to boost your fruit and veggie intake. Here are two recipes worth trying that make the most of carrots a
In this delicious take on traditional Portuguese soup kale takes centre stage, further enhanced by the rich taste of reduced-fat turkey kielbasa sausage and the smokiness of paprika. Beans add extra protein to this recipe to make it even healthier. A
Bursting with flavour and healthy nutrients, this minestrone soup is the perfect way to use fresh vegetables. Have it as a lunch, or serve it as part of a cozy dinner in the winter months.
Although some say Mulligatawny soup is more like a stew, everyone agrees on one thing: the rich aromas, warming exotic spices and full flavours of this traditional, British-influenced dish means you’ll be ready for seconds before you know it.
Visions of Grandma's kitchen and potbellied stoves come to mind with each ladleful of this robust, beefy-flavoured soup. And why not? As a meal, soup is second-to-none when the weather turns chilly, especially this classic recipe that has satisfied g
Nothing beats the satisfying flavour of soup, especially when the temperature starts to drop in the fall. These two versatile and delicious recipes are guaranteed to be a hit with hungry families, house guests or simply yourself.
Both filling and healthy, old-fashioned split pea soup is back on the menu for smart eating. Add a hearty punch of flavour and crispy, golden-brown croutons as a final flourish, and you’ve got a tasty lunch that will sustain you until suppertime.
A hot bean soup for a cold winter's day is pretty much all you could ask for. And this one is chock full of heart-healthy nutrients, so you can feed your body and your soul at the same time.
Anyone can make a wonderful bowl of chicken soup following this no-nonsense recipe. The trick is to make fresh stock, using good-quality chicken. Add to it a few vegetables and noodles, and you'll soon be in healing heaven!
A pinch of freshly chopped chives and a swirl of creamy white yogurt add just the right contrasting touches to this classic cream of leek and potato soup. Not only savoury, this delicious soup is also great for fighting high blood pressure. Talk abou
Pumpkins and potatoes isn't a duo you often hear about. Yet this fall-themed side dish, packed with nutrients and vitamins everyone needs, is unbelievably delicious. Who knew combining pumpkin and potato could yield such tasty results?
There's no need to feel guilty when indulging in comfort food. Why? Because there are plenty of ways to make it healthier. Here are three delicious, guilt-free recipes you should try the next time your soul needs feeding.
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