Comforting, simple, and delicious — reason enough for preparing these three savoury casserole recipes. Each one can serve a crowd so there's plenty for a family dinner, and each is diabetes-friendly low in saturated fat and carbs. Bake one up tonight
The creamy, slightly crunchy texture and nutty taste of quinoa make it a great partner for sweet beans and juicy tomatoes. Top with a mild gouda cheese and serve with salad greens for a light summer meal.
Carrots are a versatile and nutritious food that can add flavour to all kinds of dishes. These three recipes in particular could change your views about what carrots can do.
This colourful vegetable casserole is transformed into a feast for the eye and palate with a fresh and punchy mixture of parsley, garlic, lemon zest and toasted almonds, simply served with fluffy Parmesan polenta.
Succulent is the word for a sunny medley of vitamin-rich butternut squash and yellow peppers in a nut and honey glaze. It's ideal as a side dish or a vegetarian main course with country-style bread.
Many people associate comfort foods with warm, rich meals that remind them of their youth. However, many mistakenly believe comfort foods must have meat or creamy dairy in them to taste delicious. In reality, you can make many comfort foods without a
Succulent butternut squash, delicate papaya and firm borlotti (also called romano) beans make a satisfying one-pot meal that helps keep blood glucose levels steady.
Fruit or vegetable? Who cares, when tomatoes are jam-packed with health-giving nutrients! Eat just one large tomato and you get over half of your daily vitamin C needs, potassium to aid the control of high blood pressure, a rich supply of carotenes a
India's vegetarian cooks turn humble ingredients like potatoes, peas, lentils and rice into amazingly flavourful, utterly satisfying meals. The secret is in their tantalizing medleys of spices.
This makes a wonderful accompaniment to a spicy main dish. It is also good as a vegetarian main course for two, especially when served with Indian-style lentil dishes and warm naan bread.
With or without a pie crust, slice up some flavour with these recipes.
Tofu takes on the flavours of other foods, so you're pretty much guaranteed a delicious meal if you add your favourites to these dishes. Marinating is a perfect way to make tofu and it's packed with natural nutrients.
This is an Indian-style curry dish called dal, made even more interesting with vegetables and chutney. Don't let the ingredient list deter you; the mildly spicy sauce is delicious.
Barley is one of the unsung heroes of the grain world. You can prepare it like risotto, simmer it as a hot breakfast cereal or make it into a satisfying grain salad.
Couscous is a versatile dish that you can manipulate to meet almost any preference. Try these options and add flare to your table.
With these one-time prep recipes, you can enjoy a taste of fall any time. Tangy flavours, pumpkins and relishes will add zing to your main dishes.
This tasty stir-fry can be on your table with minimal preparation. With less oil and a fast fry, the veggies hold onto their nutrients while the spices to kick up the flavour.
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