The children of elderly parents with deteriorating physical or mental health may be ill-equipped to provide the care they require. If you are in this situation, you may want to consider residential care as an option.
As your parents grow older, their needs tend to increase. Adult children are often ill-prepared and don't have the time, space or resources to meet the growing needs of their parents, and so caregiving can be a nightmare. But, here are five common mi
Regular exercise is important to staying healthy, regardless of your age. If you’re a senior, ballroom dancing is a great way to get fit and socialize. Here we discuss its benefits and provide tips on getting started.
As your parents age, you may find yourself in a position to make important decisions about their lives. It can be a trying time for both parents and children, but with a little guidance you’ll be better able to help them.
If you're concerned that your retirement cheque might not be large enough to support your needs, it's a good idea to examine what your options are. Fortunately, there are steps you can take to minimize the effect on your current and future lifestyle.
Once you have made the decision to move ageing parents to an assisted living facility, you want to ensure you select the right facility for your loved ones. Assisted living facilities boast a range of features, so identifying those that are most impo
Some people worry about the idea of retirement, while others want to retire as early as possible. If you'd like to stop working early in your life, you have to plan.
Choosing where to retire is a major life decision and impacts how you spend your golden years. You'll want to do thorough research before choosing and visit a few you might like. Here are a few other tips that will steer you to the perfect community.
There are many traditional ways to celebrate retirement, such as gifts from loved ones or tokens of appreciation. But what if you want to celebrate your retirement some other way? Here are five unique ideas to consider when you plan your retirement c
If you’re a recent retiree, going back to school could be a great option. Learning later on in life can have physical and mental benefits. But it can also be stressful. Read on to decide if it’s right for you.
Most retirees will have more time to spend with family and friends after they stop working, but that doesn't mean their loved ones will have the same amount of free time to share. Many people see retirement as an opportunity to make up for lost time
Retirement hurts many marriages because couples have different expectations and are not accustomed to being together constantly. In this situation, it's very easy for frustrations to simmer and boil over. Discussing your expectations before retiremen
Now that people are living healthier lives well into old age, more retirees are choosing to spend their retirement years in non-traditional ways. Read on to discover the various ways that retirees are thriving during their golden years.
After years of work, saving, and deciding, you're now on the threshold of a whole new chapter of life: retirement. The question is, of course, "What now?" To help you answer that question, here are four of the major ways your life will change when yo
Many seniors face a tough choice when they can no longer manage the family home. However, there are many viable and affordable alternatives to retirement homes which still promote independent living.
If you or your loved one need to find a retirement home, you know that choosing a home is not a decision to make lightly. Visiting the home before you make a final decision is the best way to determine if a retirement home is a good fit. You'll proba
Many seniors happily raised families in their homes and filled them with fond memories in the process. But sometimes selling the old family home and moving to another location is more viable than staying. Here are three key signs that it might be tim
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