Hosting a big gang for Thanksgiving is a great way to celebrate the holiday, but always requires a little extra planning and attention to timing. To help make the day a hit and easy on you, here are five tips you can be thankful for!
A delicious turkey dinner on the holiday table is a must: it's the one single dish that everyone looks forward to for months on end. That's why it's important to get it right, or else risk disappointing your family. Here are five things to consider f
Fall is a time of year that merits a warm, natural decorating style that complements the Thanksgiving holiday. To bring the fall season to your home, here are some clever decorating ideas that can be created with low-cost accents or items you already
Turkey is the centrepiece of the Thanksgiving feast and you want to make sure that it looks and tastes delicious. Although there's no one "right" way to cook a turkey, here are some tips to help ensure yours turns out great!
Don't get stuck outside closed doors this Thanksgiving. Here's your guide to what's open and what's closed on Monday, October 12.
If you want to help make your Thanksgiving table more festive than ever before, here are 4 simple and inexpensive tips to decorate it that will make your table look beautiful for the holiday.
You know Thanksgiving as the holiday celebrated with a big dinner with family and friends to give thanks for an abundant harvest, with turkey usually the centrepiece of the meal. Here are some lesser-known facts about Thanksgiving in Canada.
Setting the Thanksgiving dinner table is an important part of the celebration. You can have fun providing party favours to give your guests a little something to take home with them with these four great ideas.
Thanksgiving is one of Canada's most important holidays. It's a time when friends and family get together to spend time with each other and usually enjoy a big feast. Here are a few important Canadian Thanksgiving traditions that you may want to inco
Most people celebrate Thanksgiving with a festive dinner party that features a bird as the main course, whether it be a turkey, Cornish hen, or something else. If you're interested in changing things up a little this year, here are some ideas for alt
Everyone loves the food and family recipes at Thanksgiving. Here are some clever ways to update those favourite holiday dishes and give them a fresh spin for the season.
At Thanksgiving, the table is filled with turkey, stuffing, cranberry sauce and fixings, and although everyone can eat to their heart's content, they always save room for dessert. Pumpkin pie, maybe, but also consider one of these four dessert ideas.
Thanksgiving in Canada is celebrated by friends and family getting together for a big, festive meal. Some assume the celebration is essentially the same as the American holiday, and while there are some similarities, it's a totally unique day. The fo
Thanksgiving is about bringing family together to celebrate the autumn harvest bounty. Add a seasonal flare to your centrepiece with these floral arrangement tips.
Hosting Thanksgiving does require extra planning and attention to timing when you are cooking for a large group. Here are some tips to help make sure you host the best Thanksgiving for a large group.
Take a break from the usual Thanksgiving bread stuffing and cranberry sauce with this savoury wild rice stuffing and cranberry relish.
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