It's amazing how quickly your work day can fill up with unimportant tasks. The result? By quitting time you haven't accomplished even half of what you had planned to do. Want to be more productive at the office? Here are four proven tips to help you
Although driving a car is a big responsibility, so is insuring it. Here are six vital questions to ask when you buy car insurance that could help protect you and your wallet if you ever need to make a claim.
Ever wondered what restaurant owners do when dine out to get the best seat and service at a restaurant – the tips they'd offer if you asked them directly? Here's some insider advice from people "in the know" to help take your next dinner out to the n
A game of Solitaire or Patience requires concentration and strategy. It’s easy to learn and a great way to pleasantly pass time in your own company. These easy steps take you through the process of learning how to play Solitaire.
With a bit of practise and a few easy tools, you can learn to parallel park like a pro. Up your parking game with these simple tips.
After years of promise, e-bikes have finally hit their stride. New electric bikes sold today are affordable, sturdy and have none of the mechanical issues earlier models suffered from. This is why there has been a big boom in e-bike usage across Cana
While many of us feel too busy, if you were to keep track of every minute of your day and write down how you spent each moment, you'd find many instances of unproductive time. Here are some tips on how to find extra time and add an hour to your day w
What does your karaoke choice reveal about you? We all have our "go-to" song when it's our turn on stage. Song choice provides a glimpse into the singer's personality, style, and quirks. Music, at its core, is a form of expression: it provides a voic
Many seniors may face unexpected emergencies and might not have financial resources to address these. In these cases, a life insurance withdrawal may be a good option.
To get a driver's licence, you'll need to pass both a driving and written test. Check out the helpful tips below to learn more about studying for the written driver's test.
There's nothing quite like seeing before-and-after photos of a room transformed from dull to dazzling. The interior designers who achieve such magic are often considered intuitive and naturally creative — in fact, many do have a special knack. You ma
Let's face it -- buying a new car is expensive at the best of times. Here's some tips to help you ensure you get the lowest price possible for your new vehicle.
An RV can be a great and inexpensive way to travel, but it's important to keep your vehicle in tip-top shape. Here's some tips to show you how.
Planning a dinner party can be as equally stressful as attending one. Here are some tips to make the night go smoother for everyone involved.
Nobody wants to have their car stolen, and certainly nobody wants to be involved in a car jacking. Unfortunately, however, these illegal and dangerous acts do occur, so here are four ways to help minimize your risks.
Hotel concierges are all too happy to recommend a restaurant to a stranger in town. What many don't want you to know is that they get referral fees in exchange for steering customers to certain eateries.
For many people, a cruise is a dream come true. And despite the pitfalls of all-you-can-eat buffets, the truth is, cruises can be just as healthy and active as you want them to be. So pack your sneakers, swimsuit and dancing shoes, and follow these t
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