A game of Solitaire or Patience requires concentration and strategy. It’s easy to learn and a great way to pleasantly pass time in your own company. These easy steps take you through the process of learning how to play Solitaire.
While many of us feel too busy, if you were to keep track of every minute of your day and write down how you spent each moment, you'd find many instances of unproductive time. Here are some tips on how to find extra time and add an hour to your day w
What does your karaoke choice reveal about you? We all have our "go-to" song when it's our turn on stage. Song choice provides a glimpse into the singer's personality, style, and quirks. Music, at its core, is a form of expression: it provi
The New Year is a perfect time of year for people of all ages to commit to making resolutions and changes to better their lives. If you're a college or university student, there are some great resolutions to make to become a better person or student
Do you want to be more productive with your day? It's truly amazing how quickly your day can fill up with unimportant tasks, and you may reach the end of the workday without being as productive as you had planned. However, you don't need to overhaul
Many seniors may face unexpected emergencies and might not have financial resources to address these. In these cases, a life insurance withdrawal may be a good option.
Planning a dinner party can be as equally stressful as attending one. Here are some tips to make the night go smoother for everyone involved.
An exchange of Christmas cards is all very well, but bringing together a group of old classmates or colleagues is a far richer experience — if you get it right. Here are some tips for a successful gathering.
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