To protect your clothing from these unwanted guests, you can make fetching moth-repellent sachets using thin or loose fabric to allow the fragrance to spread. Here's how.
Preserving textiles is mostly a matter of storing them properly and protecting them from insects and the sun. Here are some tips on keeping your textiles problem-free.
Whether you're looking for something useful or just plain creative, re-purposing your old awnings is a great way to reduce waste and create something new. Here are some ideas.
It can be a real challenge to find the perfect pair of jeans or a sweater to match your outfits. However, there are ways to get staple items in your closet and have them stay in style so you look good every time you wear them.
Sometimes a snag in our outfit is all it takes to ruin it completely. Learn how to fix it on the fly with these easy DIY sewing tips.
Learning how to take up a hem is an easy and useful skill to learn. If a pair of pants or skirt is just a little too long you can fix them yourself rather than relying on a tailor. The same goes for fixing a hem – especially in an emergency.
Hooked rugs became popular in the nineteenth century. Made from scraps of material, they are richly textured and make varied and inventive use of colour. These guidelines will show you how to choose and prepare fabric for your hooked masterpiece.
Dyeing animal fibres, plant fibres and yarn is a great way to add colour to your crafts and creations. By following these simple steps, you'll be able to properly dye your materials in a nice, even manner while making sure the colour takes properly.
Early quilters can still teach us a lot about life before the sewing machine. These are some fun facts about quilting you may not have known.
With the right touch, even joining together the three quilting layers can give a decorative effect. Follow these steps for stronger, more elaborate layers.
Picking the perfect patchwork quilt pattern can be tricky. Here's four patterns that you can use, and how to make your own.
If you want to quilt, your sewing kit will need an upgrade. Grab these supplies first and your quilting could be much better and much easier.
Mordants are chemicals that help keep dyes from fading or washing out. We'll teach you how to use mordants effectively and safely on all kinds of fabric and textiles.
A patchwork quilt is both a beautiful sentiment and labour of love. These four techniques will help you keep the labour easy and the love in abundance.
Dyeing your own clothes is a great project that is fairly simple to do. You can use natural materials you find in your backyard, garden or a nearby forest to create lovely earth tones for your clothes. Here are some tips and notes and the origin of d
Warming quilted covers can easily be created using plain or patterned fabrics or sheets of patchwork. Here's what you need to know to get started.
Crochet starts with the basics. Here's how to get those first few rows right.
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