Despite the giver's best intentions, terrible gifts have been around forever. What should you do when you get a gift you really don't like? Here are some pointers to help you out of this awkward situation.
For when you want to pull out all the stops this holiday season, these festive drinks are sure to keep guests happy.
Graduating from high school, college or university is a big deal and a special gift is a nice way to celebrate a graduate’s achievements. If you’d like an alternative to giving cash, here are six clever and unique gift ideas for new grads.
Roses are a classic look in the garden due to their many colours and varied shapes. In fact, there's likely a different type of rose bush for every occasion and location you can think of! From planting to pruning, here's the know-how you need to cult
Finding a great independent bookstore is like finding your own little paradise. Whether you're looking for your local literary fix or visiting town and eager to browse the shelves, these are 10 of the best independent bookstores that Canada has to of
With spring around the corner, fresh-cut flowers in a cheerful bouquet are a colourful way to chase away the winter blues. Here are some suggestions for the season's brightest flowers to help welcome back the warmer weather.
Anyone who has given a gift or made a gesture, offered hospitality or been kind deserves a properly penned — yes, handwritten — note of gratitude. These tips will help you write the perfect thank you note.
Dealing with unwanted phone calls can be a frustrating experience. Follow these tips to learn how to prevent unwelcome interruptions and annoying tricksters.
Picking the right headphones can make an ordinary music experience an extraordinary one. Before you buy, here are some features and factors to look at.
Whether you’re a student, mobile office pro, serious gamer or entertainment junkie, chances are there’s a laptop computer to meet your specific needs. Here's what you should know to help you pick the right one.
A personal video recorder (PVR) frees you from TV schedules, so you can watch your favourite programs whenever you want. Here's how to buy the best one for your home.
Shopping for a smart TV can be exciting, but with so many choices on the market, it can also be overwhelming. Consider these four key features to help narrow your decision when picking a model.
The right fitness machine and equipment for you may not be the same for someone else. Keep these three things in mind to find what works best for you and your health.
Buying an HDTV can be complicated. Avoid regret by doing your research before shopping and finding the right size, type and special features.
Whether you’re looking for speakers for your television, stereo or computer, consider these questions before you buy to help find home speakers that work best for you.
Whether you're shopping for kitchen appliances to help you start eating healthier, electronics so you can have more fun, or furniture to give your home a whole new look, Black Friday is the day to do it! Here are some tips for creating the ultimate B
With the right strength training equipment, working out from home is easy. Discover the best home-gym equipment options for a workout perfectly suited to you.
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