Luckily for gardeners, lavender looks as good as it smells. But did you know that along with being versatile, it's also easy to grow in your garden for a flash of vibrant purple that's sure to draw attention. Here are seven things you should know abo
Astilbes are truly majestic when topped by a profusion of white, pink, salmon, lilac or red feathery blossoms that linger for weeks in summer. However, don't be fooled by their delicate-looking flowers or fern-like foliage. These splendid perennials
Without a doubt, chrysanthemums are the benchmark annuals for fall, whether grown in containers or in beds. Here is some indispensable advice if you're keen to cultivate these breathtaking flowers in your garden.
Daylilies, when properly cared for, can last much longer than their namesake. Here are six proven hints to help extend the life of these majestic, eye-catching perennials for a splash of bold colour everyone will notice.
Although the iris blooming season is short, especially in spring, the blossoms rival those of orchids in their exotic details. Here are some tips if you'd like to see them growing in your garden.
Blooming in concert with daffodils, tulips and other spring-flowering bulbs, woodland phlox grow into casual colonies, covering the ground and lighting up the shade with their white, blue, pink and lavender blossoms. These easy-care native plants add
Like other plants with blue flowers, bluestar is always welcome in the garden because of its ability to flatter everything in its presence. Here are some tips if you're keen to cultivate bluestar flowers and make them a colourful part of your spring
The ruggedness of this plant makes it an excellent choice not just for a woodland garden, but any type of garden. Here are some facts and growing advice for this hardy spring flowering plant.
Tulips are the quintessential spring bulb, available in many sizes, shapes and colours to suit any landscape. By selecting varieties with different flowering times, you can enjoy a steady display of blooms from early to late spring. Here are some poi
Their often fragrant, trumpet-shaped blossoms in white, pink, yellow and orange have earned lilies the nickname "queen of the bulbs." Here are some quick tips for growing and maintaining these showy, sometimes large, eye-catching favourites
A traditional remedy against coughs since ancient Egypt, white horehound contains is a plant that deserves your attention.
Poppies are hardy perennial or annual plants that are easy to grow and perfect for filling gaps in borders or in fallow flower beds. Here's everything you need to know about this fascinating plant.
Until the 16th century, before the hop became the key ingredient in brewing, ground ivy was an ingredient in beer. It was also used to make agil herbal tea, which gets its name from the Old French Guille "to ferment", also in reference to b
Clearly a perennial designed for romance, bleeding heart casts a spell with its graceful, arching sprays of dangling heart-shaped blossoms and blue-green, fernlike leaves. Whether planted on the shady north side of a building or under trees along a w
When the leaves start falling, it's time to get your garden ready for winter. You can help prepare the soil for the cold months ahead by following these simple steps and creating a winter compost of dead leaves.
If you've ever wanted to make your flower garden more useful or your vegetable garden more beautiful, you can do both at the same time. Many flowering plants do double-duty as ornamentals and edibles. Planting a garden exclusively with edible flowers
Whatever your level of gardening experience, try spicing up your perennial beds with these 5 herbs. They'll do double duty as both attractive plants and tasty edibles.
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