Nothing is more satisfying than picking fresh produce from your own garden. Here are 10 key pointers for starting up your very own veggie patch.
Whether you've just finished your taxes, another school year or clutter is driving you crazy, it's important to organize your papers. Why? Filing household documents wisely will save you hours of searching next time you need them. Here's how to keep
When it comes to having a lovely garden, who doesn't enjoy the idea of all those wonderful flowers minus the hard work caring for them. You can save yourself lots of time and money in the long-run by carefully planning a low-maintenance garden. Here
Yards and outdoor spaces were once an afterthought for many homeowners – but not anymore. These six contemporary outdoor design trends are taking yards to new places.
Installing an above ground pool in your backyard will help you and your family enjoy those hot summer days even more. Find out more about which type is best for you.
One of the best parts of crawling out from under the clutches of winter is getting your patio furniture ready for summer. Here are cleaning tips to help.
Weekends are the perfect time to tackle home improvement projects, which needn't be long or complicated. Even if you only have a day or two, here are five projects you and your family can easily complete.
There's more to lawn mowing than simply firing up your machine and running it over the yard. To help make mowing your lawn easier and for healthier grass, here are several tricks to keep in mind.
Moving day can be a stressful time for everyone. To help you prepare and make the experience as painless as possible, here are eight ways to streamline your worldly goods and plan each step of the way.
Hiring a moving company to help you transport your belongings literally takes the weight off of your shoulders, but you need to know what you're paying for
Want to improve your lawn? Think of it as a carpeted floor for your garden that enhances the landscape, much like attractive flooring flatters indoor rooms. Here are some invaluable hints to help maximize the beauty of your lawn and make it low-maint
With so many plants to choose from, finding the best new plants for your garden can be a challenge. Instead of using the trial-and-error method, use these strategies to become a smart plant shopper.
Traps and drainage pipes are an essential part of your household plumbing system. Let's take a look at both traps and drains to better understand their function and importance.
A stopped toilet or a leaky sink are no fun. The following introduction to valves and joints can help get you one step closer to successfully completing and maintaining your DIY plumbing projects.
It has been estimated that a well-designed household plumbing system accounts for approximately 15 per cent of your home’s value. Understanding where plumbing exists in and around your home can help you develop a big-picture approach to the importanc
We rely on a clean residential water supply to stay healthy. It’s important to understand how water is treated, how pollutants are removed, and what you can do in your own household to keep your neighbourhood water supply clean.
Burglars are always looking for homes that are easy prey. If there’s a hole in your home security strategy, there's a chance they'll burglarize you. Here are 13 ways that could help protect your home against theft.
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