As we edge towards colder weather, you'll want to check your furnace thermostat. Do you recall feeling too hot or too cold last winter? Have you noticed recently that your house is always uncomfortably warm or chilly? There's a chance your thermostat
Wintertime is a period of big-energy use at home: for cooking, cleaning and heating, no other time of year gobbles up as much money from the budget as the cold winter months. Fortunately, there are many cost-effective ways to dramatically reduce your
A heat pump can be a great way to keep your home warm, but how much does it cost to install a heat pump? There are a number of cost factors to consider when looking at installing or replacing a heat pump, and this tip breaks them down for you. Read o
An open-hearth fire or wood-burning stove provides the most basic form of heating. Some say it's also a simple way to create a warm atmosphere. To ensure you're not needlessly sending your money up in smoke, here are some hints to help you build and
When it comes to heating, every energy-conscious family wants to do what’s best for the planet and their household budget – and for good reason. Natural Resources Canada says over 50 per cent of a home’s energy bill goes towards heating. So, is it ac
Want to reduce heating costs this winter but afraid it will involve a lot of big changes? You can set aside your fears because it's easy to achieve some amazing savings simply by doing a few odd jobs around the house, changing certain lifestyle habit
Whether it's to install a more efficient home heating system or to maintain an existing one, tackling the replacement or upkeep of your heating system can be very technical. Moreover, the work has to meet specific safety standards. That's why it's im
Is your heat pump ready to withstand the rigors of winter? Or are there some tasks you must do to ensure it runs smoothly during the cold weather? Preparing your heat pump for winter is actually quite simple; it’s all about doing some maintenance. He
Priming your furnace for winter is smart for many reasons: safety, comfort and savings being among the most important. Here are four steps to prepare your furnace to run regardless of the weather – for cash savings you'll enjoy all winter.
Find out why you should sweep your chimney long before the cold weather gets here.
Drafty windows can be unsightly, make your home feel chilly and bloat your heating bill. To keep your place looking good, feeling cozy and cost effective to heat, here are some easy fixes for your windows to address three common complaints about them
When temperatures rise it’s tempting to crank up the air conditioning and relax, but your energy bill also rises every minute the AC is turned on. Regardless of if you have an air conditioner or not, here are ten ways to beat the heat.
With summer coming, it's never too early to get your central air conditioning unit ready by giving it a good clean – to help keep you cool all summer long. Here's how to get your central air conditioning unit primed for the hotter months ahead.
Canada’s weather is defined by extremes: Scorching hot summers. Bitterly cold winters. That’s why you can never downplay the importance of properly cooling and heating your home. With so many types of heating and cooling systems on the market today,
Because all air conditioners aren't created equal, choosing what will work for your home or business can be tough. Here's an overview of the most popular types to best suit your needs and budget.
The way you choose to heat your home has an impact on your life every day. You want your heating system to keep you warm and comfortable, but also to be aesthetically pleasing. Here are a few of the other advantages and disadvantages of a convection
Furnaces tend to make some strange sounds leaving you to wonder what's normal and what isn't. Here's some advice to help you know the difference.
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