Keeping kids entertained, and off the screens, isn't easy. Tune into these great podcasts for a whole new listening experience, at home or in the car. From science podcasts to fiction to comedy to fairy tales, there's something for children of all ag
From the office to the home, anger has the power to tear relationships apart and leave people feeling hurt. If you tend to get angry for little reasons, here are five ways to help you stay in control and better articulate your frustrations.
No matter what you've done, there are right and wrong ways to apologize. Here are seven tips for saying you're sorry the right way, ranging from taking full responsibility to apologizing as soon as you can.
New Year's resolutions are a great way for people to get a fresh start come January 1. However, New Year's resolutions aren't exclusively for individuals. There are numerous New Year's resolutions couples can make together to give their relationship
Anyone who has been married or in a relationship can probably attest to the challenges of staying happy together long term. Read on to find great advice often offered by longtime married couples.
Most lasting couples have learned that it takes time and attention to foster healthy relationships, and not just once in a while, but every day. Here is some advice to help you grow closer to your partner.
A study of 105 middle-age British government employees found that women and men with more marital worries had higher levels of the stress hormone cortisol as well as higher levels of stress and high blood pressure — factors that raise risk for heart
While it may be a beautiful and timeless dance for couples, the Tango also has many lessons to teach. If you’re learning with your partner, you may discover insight that help your relationship grow. Read on for tango couple’s tips.
Modern wisdom says that the foundation of every happy relationship is good communication. But what makes some kinds of communication "good"? Let's get specific and take a closer look at positive communication habits that let the garden of a relations
When it comes to property division in a divorce, most people are surprised to learn that the following are considered joint property.
While a divorce is too final for many couples, a legal separation may leave them in limbo. It's important to consider the pros and cons of divorce and separation before filing the paperwork.
Going to pick your own berries at a berry orchard is a fun activity, an inexpensive way to get fresh fruit and a great idea for a daytime date. If you want some ideas for a date that's unique, active, and delicious, check out this list.
Being married is an enormous commitment, and keeping the passion alive can be a challenge, but knowing how to keep the marriage strong is fundamentally important for all couples.
Receiving the first Holy Communion is an important rite for children of the Christian faith. Here is a guide on how to select a Communion sponsor and what to expect from them.
If you're a stay-at-home mom who is going through a divorce, check out the following four helpful tips to ease the process and make the transition as pain- and stress-free as possible.
If you're preparing for a divorce mediation, check out some helpful tips below to prepare yourself.
Marriage always has ups and downs, but going through challenges is a natural part of a relationship. If you and your spouse are going through a particularly hard time, you might be considering divorce. However, there are many instances in which great
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