Are you looking for a way to neutralize an unpleasant smell, or do you simply want to find an original way to perfume your home? Here is how you can make your own pomander.
To scent your home inexpensively, make preparations yourself that do not contain chemicals and that neutralize, as opposed to mask, odours. Here are three natural products that are easy to make.
To help the skin to regain a balanced pH, improve circulation and combat all sorts of common ailments, add salts, oils and active ingredients, such as vinegar or vanilla to your bath. Here are two recipes for a moment of well-being and restoration, g
Natural deodorants that fight bacteria present on the surface of the skin — the main sources of odours —will help keep your skin dry and cool. Here are four examples that are easy to make at home.
Want to remodel your home? Here are some suggestions for a smooth, stress-free job.
When homeowners prepare to sell their home, they make it look more welcoming and appealing. But sprucing up a home isn’t just for people moving on. For those staying put, here are some improvements that add value to your home and enjoyment to your li
More than just a time-honoured flavouring added to food, ginger is also used to help alleviate some if the most common minor health ailments. Here are some other ways you can use ginger for more than just spicing up a meal.
Crafty homeowners can create their own organization systems that are perfect for keeping items accessible and the house looking tidy. The average homeowner struggles with clutter throughout their house, and may have trouble finding items in a pinch,
Keeping your front entry free of clutter makes a great first impression for your guest. Here are some easy ways to make sure everything stays organized throughout the seasons.
Over 500 papers on garlic have been published since the 1980s. Most have concentrated on the sulphur compounds that form when allicin undergoes certain chemical reactions. Here are some tips on how to maximize the healing effects of garlic.
Bumps, bruises, swellings, bites and stings are part of everyday life, especially if you have small children. For minor ailments there's often no need to visit the pharmacist. Stock your medicine cabinet with safe, natural solutions – you'll avoid po
From boats, to kites, to removing a tight ring from your finger, know how to tie knots and being aware of the things you can accomplish with a little bit of string will go a long way. Try these continent tips to get out of a jam.
You can do many maintenance and repair tasks yourself if you buy a small arsenal of tools and equipment. Here's a list of measuring tools you should always have on hand in your home.
Cleaning with vinegar is easy and inexpensive, not to mention good for the environment. It has wide range of cleaning purposes, but here are five of the best.
Cleaning your home with chemical cleaners can be effective, but essential oils let you get your home sparkling without the health risks.
Homemade remedies for carpet stains made with ingredients found in your cupboard.
The kitchen and bathroom can harbour unpleasant smells, but there are plenty of ways to get rid of them cheaply, if not for free. You can make your own air fresheners and room fragrances with inexpensive ingredients that will make your home smell cle
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