When tax season is over many people breathe a sigh of relief. Next year’s tax season seems far away. It's tempting to throw out all your documents and never think about them again. What could they be needed for? As it turns out you shouldn’t simply d
It can start with a question as innocent as, “Can you hear me clearly?” and end with thieves using your words against you to steal your money. How can you protect yourself against this latest spin on phone scams that’s growing fast? These 5 tips coul
Unless you're an accountant, tax season probably fills you with dread. If you'll be filing your own tax return this year, here are four mistakes to avoid that could wind up costing you money.
Your taxes are over for another year or so you thought: you carefully filled out the forms and submitted them on time. Suddenly, you realize you've made a mistake! Were your efforts for nothing? Here's what to do if you need to change your tax return
If you're ever hurt in a car crash and not deemed at fault, you may be entitled to sue the person who caused it. But how soon must you act? How much compensation can you expect? And if you win the case, how soon after will you receive your compensati
Understanding how a Tax-Free Savings Account (TFSA) works can give you financial flexibility and another investment option at tax time. So what does this mean for you?
Saving on taxes takes a little planning ahead and knowledge of what you can safely deduct. With the following tips, you can save some money this tax season.
Filing tax returns can be overwhelming, even for the most experienced taxpayers. If you're a first-time taxpayer, here are six tax-filing tips to help make the process go smoother.
Investing in your Registered Retirement Savings Plan can be difficult, but these tax-efficient saving tips that will help you get more out of your contributions.
Late filing your tax return? What might happen when you do and what are the penalties? Here are some things you should know.
If you've found a way to earn money outside your province of residence, here's how to properly report it when filing your tax return to avoid the possibility of incurring any unexpected penalties.
Planning for retirement while you're young is the best way to safeguard your future plans. It's also a good way to avoid financial pitfalls along the way. Before you get started, or if you have children who are at an age where they should be consider
There are plenty of things to consider when it comes to taxes. That's why when tax season rolls around you'll want to keep these 5 tips in mind to ensure you're doing it properly.
Got some money back on your tax return? While it might be tempting to spend, there are better ways to make a refund work for you. Here are 3 shrewd ways that could pay off big.
Saving money can be tough if you're accustomed to living paycheque to paycheque. Here are four cool things you can do just by setting aside five dollars a day.
With the soaring cost of groceries, a few simple tweaks to your usual weekly routine is all it takes to help pare down the cost of food. Here are 6 tips you’re sure to find handy.
Share these four expert tips with your kids to help them save a little money each week for toys, candy, and lifelong money-saving habits that will pay off big.
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