10 helpful washing machine tips

September 3, 2015

Your washing machine is one of the hardest working appliances in your home. Here are 10 helpful washing machine tips that can keep your washing machine working hard for as long as possible.

  1. Powdered detergents work better in cold water if you dissolve them in a little bit of water first.
  2. When an inlet valve shuts suddenly, the water rushing through the supply hose comes to a slamming halt. The result is a loud banging noise. To keep things quiet, install a water surge shock absorber between the hose and the inlet.
  3. Accumulated dust and dirt on motor windings restrict airflow and can cause burnout. Once a year, unplug your machine, pull it away from the wall, and gently vacuum the windings or vents in the motor casing.
  4. Overloading the tub increases wear on your washing machine and results in poor washing and damage to clothes. The clothes should be circulating freely in the water, not sluggishly in clumps or in bunches around the agitator.
  5. If your machine emits an ominous sound during the wash cycle but you can't work out what the sound is, improvise a stethoscope. Hold the handle of a screwdriver near your ear and place the blade on the machine near the suspect noise. Alternatively, use a mechanic's stethoscope, available from car parts and accessory suppliers.
  6. If your washing machine hoses are permanently attached to any taps, turn them off after each wash. If you don't, and a hose bursts while you're out, it could be a major disaster.
  7. If your machine has hot and cold inlets but the temperature of the mix is never quite right, make sure the taps are fully open and the hoses and the mixing valve are not blocked.
  8. Stand your machine on a piece of fire-resistant carpet to subdue annoying rattling sounds .
  9. Damp breeds rust and rust ruins machines. After every use, open your washing machine's lid so that any moisture inside the tub can evaporate.
  10. A chipped tub in an older-style washing machine can eventually rust and ruin your clothes with unsightly marks. Cover chips or scratches with clear nail polish, silicone sealant or an epoxy touch-up paint made specially for the purpose.

Keep these 10 helpful washing machine tips in mind and you'll be better able to keep your washing machine in working order for longer.

10 helpful washing machine tips
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