2 money-saving grocery secrets

October 9, 2015

Grocery shopping can certainly add up, even when you scan the flyers for items on sale. With a few tips to take that discount to the extreme, you'll save even more on groceries and have more money in your bank account!

2 money-saving grocery secrets

There are a lot of ways to save at the grocery store that you don't think about — here are two simple methods.

Look for "limited purchase" signs

When you see a sign in the supermarket or clothing store that advertises a low price — but only lets you buy a few items at this price — take advantage of the deal. You may never see this product at a price this low again.

  • When a store sets these limits, it's a sign that it's selling the products at, or even below, the price that it paid for them, says Eugene Fram, PhD, a professor of marketing at the Rochester Institute of Technology.
  • Stores don't set limits because they're worried that customers will pile their carts high with the discounted items — they're fearful that owners of smaller mom-and-pop stores will buy out the inventory and resell it at a higher price in their own stores.
  • So mom and pop may be out of luck when these limited offers come around — but it'll be your lucky day.

Watch the register

The checker at the supermarket will want to discuss the weather or make small talk with you as she rings up your purchases. She may or may not have been trained to do that to help the store make more money from you, but either way, this distraction can certainly do it.

  • Politely respond that you need to pay attention to something else instead — and keep your eyes trained like a hawk on the register readout.
  • Cash registers aren't always updated with the latest sales prices on items, and some stores pledge to give customers an item free if the register rings up the wrong price.
  • Since you've done your homework and know exactly how much the items should cost, alert the clerk if any wrong prices come up.

If the store has a generous mistake-finding policy, your moment of attention has earned you a free item. But even if you don't get the product free, at the very least you're ensured that you're getting the low price that you took the time to find.


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