3 birthday party themes for kids that are easy to execute well

November 3, 2015

Need ideas for a birthday party but don't want to spend a fortune on lavish decorations? Try one of these three party themes for your child's next birthday. They are simple, fun and inexpensive, and they're great for all ages, too.

3 birthday party themes for kids that are easy to execute well

Winter wonderland

  • Whether your child's birthday falls in the winter or not, you can still recreate the frozen fantasy land that so many children love.
  • All you need is lots of light blue, white and silver in your decor and a tolerance for glitter.
  • Cover your table tops with light blue tablecloths. Disposable plastic tablecloths work well, and they are typically very inexpensive. Buy pre-made snowflake decorations, or make some using paper and scissors.
  • Adding glitter is optional but adds a pretty, sparkly look to the decor.
  • Keep your theme in mind when planning the food by using edible glitter or sugar sprinkles to decorate icy blue cupcakes and cake pops.
  • Snowmen are also great decorations for a winter wonderland party, and they can be used in both the decor and the food.
  • Snowman cupcakes are simple to make, and your party guests will have fun making their own Styrofoam snowmen to take home with them.


  • What child hasn't played pirates at some point in his or her life? This theme is popular and easy and only requires a few things that can be found around the home.
  • Print out old maps and use cooled tea bags to stain them.
  • Once dry, wrinkle them slightly and use them as decorations or even party invitations.
  • Eye patches can be made from circles of cardboard and elastic string or purchased cheaply online.
  • No pirate party is complete without a treasure chest, so use a plastic tub wrapped in brown paper to look like a wooden box, or use any wooden box with a hinged lid that you already have.
  • Fill it with chocolate candy coins and other fun pirate 'treasure' for the kids to enjoy.

Under the sea

  • For fans of undersea creatures, this theme offers versatility and ease. Use various shades of blue and white streamer paper to drape in doorways to create an entrance to your 'underwater' party.
  • Continue the colour scheme with your table decor and paper products, offering guests fish-shaped crackers and cookies as well as bottles of 'sea water' or blue punch.

Fish, mermaids and shells are all ideal decorations for undersea parties. Fill small organza or net bags with sea shells to give as party favours, and let the party guests 'catch' their own goodies with a fun fishing game.

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