3 expert pointers for clearing out gutters

July 28, 2015

Clearing gutters is a maintenance job best done late in fall after all the leaves have fallen. But you may find that your gutters suddenly start overflowing at any time of year. Here is how you can safely remove debris and keep your gutters working the way they should.

3 expert pointers for clearing out gutters

1. Protect your downpipes

Place a piece of cardboard at the bottom of the downpipe to prevent any debris getting into the gully or the drain. If the downpipe goes straight into the ground, then stuff a piece of rag into the top of the downpipe.

2. Remove large debris

Scoop out any silt, leaves, moss, old tennis balls or other debris and put it in a bucket. Don't allow any of the debris to go down the downpipe, or down the wall of your house where it will make an unsightly stain.

3. Wash out the gutter

Once you have removed all the debris, position your ladder at the far end, away from the downpipe. Pour three or four buckets of water into the gutter to sluice it through (remember first to remove your rag, if you used one). You might find it easier to use a hose for this part of the job.

Following these pointers will keep your downspouts working effectively and reduce the risk of damage caused by clogged gutters.

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