3 rules for encouraging positive behaviour in kids

Rules for children can vary among households, but the end goal is to set limits for little ones and foster a harmonious home. Here are 3 ideas for rules to stop nagging and more effectively manage your kids' behaviour.

3 rules for encouraging positive behaviour in kids

1. Getting chores done

Part of any parent's job is getting chores done around the house. However, kids don't always understand this and often ask for your attention right when you're in the middle of doing something else. It can be frustrating to be constantly interrupted and reasoning with your children about letting you finish your work doesn't always work. One way to manage this is to make it a rule that if your children want to be in the room when you're working, then they have to be working too. This way, they can choose to help you with your task or by doing something else productive in the room, or they can choose to go to another part of the house. Either way, you are left free to finish your chore sooner, which will ultimately give you more time for fun with your kids.

2. You get what you get, and you don't get upset

Life isn't always fair, and the sooner kids accept this indisputable fact of life, the happier everyone will be. Haggling with kids about options can be challenging and frustrating for everyone. To teach your children to graciously accept what they've been offered, try nipping complaints in the bud by saying "You get what you get, and you don't get upset." Your kids can then choose to accept what they've been given or choose nothing at all. It's fun to say and simple to remember, and soon your children will be finishing the rhyme for you instead of whining.

3. No arguing about money

This rule helps with the problem of kids pleading for you to buy them things at the store, which for many parents is a common and stressful situation. If the answer is no, the best way to handle it is to calmly remind your children that you won't argue about money. Your children can choose to accept your response or they can choose to accept the consequences of continuing to beg: being removed from the store and having a time-out when you return home.

With a little creative thinking and by framing things in the right way, you can create household rules that encourage your kids to take more responsibility for their actions and make positive choices.

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