4 easy home remedies to treat your gums

October 4, 2014

Gum diseases like gingivitis can be a daunting and painful problem, but there are many easy remedies for gum treatments you can make right at home to cure discomfort or infection.

It's important to treat gum disease because not only is it uncomfortable, it can also lead to infection of teeth roots (and ultimately teeth, too.) If you're suffering from gum disease or want to help someone who is, check out the list below of four simple and affordable ways to attack gum disease, ease mouth pain, and clear up potentially harmful infections.

4 easy home remedies to treat your gums

1. Antiseptic mouth rinse

A classic home remedy or treatment for gum disease is an antiseptic mouth rinse. An antiseptic mouth rinse is made of cleansing and antimicrobial agents that attack bacteria in the mouth and help strengthen teeth, which can help rid the gums of infection. People suffering from gum disease should rinse with an antiseptic mouth rinse at least twice per day in order to reduce the bacteria count in their mouth, which ultimately allows their own immune system to attack and kill the infection-causing bacteria.

If you want to make your own antiseptic mouth rinse, mix equal parts of hydrogen peroxide with water. Note: This solution should not be swallowed

2. Between-teeth cleaning

Another easy treatment for getting rid of gum disease at home is cleaning the problem spots where bacteria hide, particularly the areas between the teeth. There are several ways to clean the hard-to-reach spots in your mouth, including flossing regularly before brushing, brushing between teeth with an inter-dental brush, or cleaning between teeth with a dental pick.

3. Brush with fluoride

Using fluoride regularly also helps combat tooth decay. In order to ensure your teeth and gums are strong enough to fight the infection in your gums, brush twice a day with fluoride toothpaste. Most popular commercial brands of toothpaste contain fluoride.

4. Baking soda rinse

When mixed with water, baking soda has been shown to reduce the acid in your mouth, the same acid that can lead to gum disease. In order to thoroughly clean the mouth and ensure that there are no lingering materials that could lead to infection, mix one teaspoon of baking soda with a cup of water and rinse your mouth with it. Spit, rather than swallow, the rinse.

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