5 simple tips for sleeping on a plane

November 6, 2014

While it may be convenient, travelling by plane can be uncomfortable. These five tips to help you rest above the clouds will ensure you arrive refreshed, relaxed and ready to go.

5 simple tips for sleeping on a plane

1. Wear a neck pillow

Those doughnut-shaped neck pillows might look silly, and they might not seem that effective, but they're actually pretty helpful for sleeping on a plane.

  • To get the most from them, wear them forward with the opening to the back of your neck. This way, the doughnut will stop you from being startled when your head falls forward when you nod off.

2. Fly at night

If you want to get the best sleep when you travel, choose to fly at night.

  • Red-eyes are great flight options for sleep because they follow your body's natural rhythms.
  • You will fall and stay asleep more easily and naturally on a flight that is overnight and in the dark.

3. Pick the right side

Most people tend to favour one side when they sleep, so try to note what side you're usually on when you wake up in the morning.

  • Pick your seat on the flight based on this natural preference. Pick a right window seat if you like sleeping on your right side or a left window seat if you prefer sleeping on your left side.
  • This will allow you to get in the most comfortable sleeping position possible without disturbing your fellow passengers.

4. Cover your ears

To block out sounds that might wake you up, consider wearing something to cover your ears while you sleep.

  • Some great ideas for noise control are noise-cancelling headphones, earplugs, or regular ear buds when you're playing soft, soothing music or ambient sounds.
  • Cover your ears well enough and you'll feel like you're at home in your own bed rather than on a big airplane surrounded by others.

5. Make a sleeping playlist

If noise-cancelling headphones aren't enough, you might consider creating a sleeping playlist to play through those headphones while you rest.

  • Consider adding some of your favourite soft, relaxing tunes to comfort you during your flight.
  • You can even find and download soothing tracks like nature sounds and white noise, which can both be helpful if you're trying to get some shut-eye.
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