4 snowmobile security tips to help you avoid theft

December 12, 2014

It’s no secret; snowmobile thefts are on the rise. Discover snowmobile security tips you can use to protect your vehicle.

4 snowmobile security tips to help you avoid theft

Sleds are an expensive piece of machinery, and for some, it’s their primary mode of transportation. When thieves are looking for snowmobiles, they typically look for easy targets. If your snowmobile isn’t properly protected, a thief might see an opportunity. Your snowmobile needs to be as difficult to steal as possible.

1. Store the keys

Most sleds are stolen out of unlocked garages with the keys in the ignition. Don’t let this be you. For maximum security, always keep the key in a safe spot. A stolen snowmobile could be useless without a key depending on the model, but in every case, it will be much less desirable because of the work involved to get it going. If a thief can’t find the key, they probably won’t take the machine.

2. Avoid the dark

It’s also a good idea to keep your snowmobile in a well-lit area. The biggest risk to a burglar is being seen, which makes snowmobiles in the dark an easier target for theft at night. To save energy, you can even install a sensor light that will only turn on when it detects motion.

3. Attach your vehicle

Locking your sled to something else can make it much harder to steal. If you store your sled outdoors, you can lock it to a tree or your truck. Even if it’s kept indoors, it’s still a good idea to lock it to something in your garage. Choosing a high-quality lock is important because cheaper locks can be easy to pick or cut open. If you keep your sled on a trailer, position it against your house in a way that makes it difficult to get off and lock it to the trailer.

4. Protect your documents

You’ll also want to protect the ownership documents of your snowmobile. Don’t keep them in any compartments on the machine. If you need to have them on you, keep a photocopy of them in your jacket and put the originals in a safe place at home.

If you follow these basic snowmobile security steps, your vehicle will already be much safer.

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