4 tricks to lower-calorie snacking

October 9, 2015

For some, healthy meals are easy. It's the snacking that does them in. If you love to snack, try these tips to help keep your calorie counts low.

4 tricks to lower-calorie snacking

1. Clear out all tempting foods

  • You know the saying: "You don't miss what you don't have." Add another iteration on this: "You can't eat what you don't have."
  • Go through every cabinet, the refrigerator, freezer and pantry. Toss or donate every food product you don't trust yourself with.
  • It's better to waste it by putting it in the trash than putting it in your mouth.

2. Hide the candy dish

  • If your major munching occurs at work, hide the candy dish. Use an opaque dish or get it off your desk entirely.
  • If it's in eyesight, you may eat an average of 2.2 more candies each day, according to researchers. If it's at your desk, you could eat up to 1.8 more candies daily.

3. Crack your own nuts

  • Don't buy shelled nuts, says Susan Burke, RD. Shelled nuts make it too easy to eat too much.
  • Their nutrient value drops with processing as well.
  • A little elbow grease with the nutcracker helps to limit portions and burns calories. It also provides the freshest nut and gives the most nutritional bang for your buck.

4. Grab some fruit

  • Pears, apples and strawberries each contain four grams of fibre.
  • Getting just that much extra fibre a day is enough to reduce your risk of being overweight fivefold, according to a study from Tufts University.
  • Fibre fills you up without filling you out because its calories aren't absorbed. Instead, fibre boosts hormones that send the "I'm full" message to your brain.

Snacking can be dangerous, especially if you aren't paying attention. But if you remove temptation and make some small changes, you could cut your calorie intake and live a healthier lifestyle.

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