4 ways to improve your putting at home

November 3, 2015

Four ways to improve your putting at home

There are many ways you can improve your putting from the comfort of your own home. Check out the list below.

4 ways to improve your putting at home

1. Purchase a home putting green

Many companies today make putting greens that can be rolled out and placed inside a home. By purchasing one, you can practise on a proper surface and with a proper sized hole at home. You can purchase different putting greens at different elevations and different lengths.

2. Make your own putting green

You can create your own putting green at home. Simply buy a piece of artificial turf from a hardware store. Then roll out the turf at home, and use tape to stick a plastic cup at the end of it to act as the hole. You can use this surface to practise putting balls, and add additional features to the green using chalk and measuring tape to mark out different distances.

3. Get an electric putting partner

An electric putting partner is a device that acts as a golf course hole that can take a ball and return it back to you. Place the putting partner on a range of surfaces and at a variety of distances, and practise putting into it regularly. One of the best parts about an electric putting partner is that it'll shoot the ball back to you, so you don't have to continuously fetch the ball as you get better at getting it into the hole.

4. Do simple exercises

There are lots of exercises you can do at home to improve your putting without having to have a real or faux putting green. First, stand with your back against the wall, and practise putting a ball. You should ensure that your backside remains flush to the wall while you putt. Next, strengthen your wrists for putting. Practise putting a ball with a ball held between your wrists. This exercise helps people keep their wrists straight and still while they putt.

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