5 great smartphone apps for dieting

Losing weight is a challenge for even the most conscientious and committed of individuals, but smartphone applications can help you meet your weight loss goals.

5 great smartphone apps for dieting

1. Lose It!

  • Lose It! is a free diet app that automatically creates a calorie budget based on each person's individual weight loss goals and body information.
  • As the day progresses, users simply enter in the food eaten and how much exercise they did and the application will display the total number of calories that remain for the day.
  • The application tracks many common foods and recipes and includes calorie information from a multitude of chain restaurants.

2. WeightBot

  • Simply enter your weight on the homepage of the application and WeightBot automatically calculates your BMI.
  • It is important to note that this application is only intended for tracking weight loss, and does not take into account calorie count or food eaten on a daily basis.

3. FoodScanner

  • FoodScanner does not track your daily caloric intake or offer advice on losing weight, however, it does have a unique feature in the form of a UPC bar code scanner.
  • Instead of logging each food by hand with a keyboard, simply scan the bar code of the product and it is automatically added to your daily log.
  • Additionally, the application displays the total number of calories consumed each day.

4. The Eatery

  • This free iPhone application allows users to track their daily meals and rate the healthiness of each meal.
  • Best of all, the healthiness of a meal can be rated by all users of the application, not just the person who uploaded the meal.
  • Therefore, the application works as a community support system for losing weight and allows people to gain advice and information from a variety of individuals.
  • The constantly updating food diary lets users gain insight on their eating patterns and areas where they are struggling.

5. Calorie Tracker Tap & Track

  • Calorie Tracker Tap & Track is an extremely comprehensive weight loss application that allows users to chart their weight, daily calorie intake, number of nutrients consumed and list a goal weight.
  • Additionally, the Calorie Tracker Tap and Track allows users to upload their exercise information to compare it to their weight loss and nutrition information.
  • Best of all, the database of calorie information includes numbers from over 700 popular restaurants in both Canada and the United States.
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