5 places to volunteer to improve your resume

January 22, 2015

Give your resume a boost by volunteering for one or more of these groups and help yourself get closer to landing the job of a lifetime.

5 places to volunteer to improve your resume

Getting your first job can be hard. Without the necessary background or experience, your resume may look less appealing to potential employers. Give your resume a boost by volunteering for one or more of these groups and help yourself get closer to landing the job of a lifetime.

1. Animal shelter

If you enjoy working with animals more than people, this is a great place to get your first job as a volunteer. This job involves some dirty work like poop-scooping and it can be sad as well, but these lovely animals are in need of help from the gentle, caring hands of a volunteer like you.

2. Library

You don't have to be an avid reader to work at a local library, but it helps. Volunteering at a library will allow you to help people of all ages find books and other media. You may have to take a test to become certified as a library volunteer, but basic math and some quick research on the Dewey Decimal System is all it takes.

3. Parks

Parks are the place to volunteer if you prefer working outdoors. Many volunteer jobs at parks involve scientific research on flora and fauna or leading groups of students on educational treks through the park. You can start your search for a park volunteer opportunity at the Parks Canada website.

4. Medical or hospice care

You do not necessarily need any medical experience to become a medical volunteer. Organizations like the Canadian Red Cross are always looking for volunteers in other areas like community outreach, grant writing, client services and much more. You can also ask about volunteer opportunities at local hospitals, mental health clinics, substance abuse centres and other medical facilities.

5. Teach or volunteer abroad

Volunteer programs in developing countries are a great way to travel the world and help those in need. For the most part, you don't need any experience with the language or culture of the destination country; you can gain that experience through volunteering. International volunteer programs do have some costs associated with them, but the cost usually covers your entire living expenses during your stay. Since it's a charitable trip, you can even raise funds to keep your out-of-pocket costs minimal.

Further resources for volunteering are listed on the Volunteer Canada website. There you can find listings of local volunteer centres and an online volunteer opportunities database, both of which you can visit to find the perfect volunteer job for you.

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