5 tips for exploring and baking specialty breads

November 30, 2014

Get tips on ways to explore specialty breads to find flavours and aromas your family will love.

5 tips for exploring and baking specialty breads

Bread has been a part of nearly every culture in the world for thousands of years. It’s a staple food that also has deep cultural and religious significance.

  • What we now consider specialty bread are often breads with deep traditional roots, which are now easier to make due to convenient access to ingredients.

1. Know what you knead

Is there anything better than a house that smells like freshly baked bread? With so many variations to choose from, there’s no reason to not have a loaf in the oven as often as possible.

There are breads for all occasions and tastes. Bread can be:

  • A hearty partner for soup
  • A sweet complement to a light fruit spread
  • A traditional bread like challah or holiday panettone
  • All manner of nut breads that satisfy the most ravenous appetites

2. Experiment to taste

Specialty breads offer a wide variety of options for bakers and home cooks that want nourishing, flexible options for their families.

Here are some things to consider exploring:

  • Try different grains like millet and oats
  • Add seeds to enhance the heartiness and flavour
  • Explore ingredients like bran or malt
  • Add yogurt, cream or milk for additional moisture
  • Try different dough and mix and match ingredients

3. Try a little sweetness

Sometimes a little sweetness makes everything seem better.

  • A warm slice of cinnamon raisin toast can provide respite from the stresses of the world.
  • Whipping up a small batch of chocolate chip sourdough baguettes can put a sweeter spin on breakfast, or make for a comforting and filling snack before dinner.
  • Try making a basic whole wheat or sourdough recipe and add dried fruit for a sweet and subtle flavour that perfectly complements bread’s natural heartiness.

4. Savour every bite

Savoury breads are another way to take a basic staple and turn it into something magical.

  • Cheese breads can be rich and complex, with a satisfying crunch, and work great beside soups and chowders.
  • Artisanal olive breads give a taste of old-world flavours that work great with the cheese platters or spreads that are always a hit when guests visit.
  • Breads like rye, sourdough and pumpernickel work well with savoury flavours and create a substantial, nourishing meal.

5. Herbal solutions

Don’t forget about herbs!

  • Adding rosemary and sage, basil and thyme, or any other herb combination you love will add complex overtones to your bread, without overpowering the palate.
  • Plus they smell great as the bread is baking, adding to the anticipation.

Rolling it all out

There are so many options for specialty breads from all around the world. These tips on specialty breads will get you exercising some creativity in the kitchen and finding all sorts of breads your family will love.


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