5 ways volunteering can improve your life

November 3, 2015

Our lives are busy and it can be hard to find time to volunteer, but it can bring real benefits. Here are just a few:

5 ways volunteering can improve your life

1. Meet new people

  • The older we get, the harder it can be to connect with new people. Volunteering offers a great way to meet people who have similar interests and care about the same things that you do.
  • It also lets you connect to a different population of people than you might otherwise encounter in your daily life. For example,  volunteering for an elderly care facility can connect you with a whole new age demographic.
  • These encounters can make your life and theirs much richer and more fulfilling.

2. Improve your mental health

Volunteering can provide many benefits for both your mental and physical health, such as:

  • It can boost your self-confidence. Helping others can make you feel like you're doing good work for your community and connecting with others.
  • It can also help combat depression. Volunteering keeps you in regular contact with other people and helps you develop a support network that you can depend on.
  • It can help you reduce stress in your life.

3. Boost happiness

  • Helping others kindles happiness in your own life.
  • Working with people in an environment that is dedicated to helping others makes your life more meaningful.
  • You may even feel that rewards from volunteering means more to you than any kind of financial compensation.

4. Improve your resume

  • Besides all of the humanistic value that volunteering offers, it's also good for your career.
  • Companies love to hire people who've shown an interest in helping out their community and making an impact on the world.
  • It also gives you experience doing things that you might not otherwise get to do in your work environment.

5. Have fun

  • Volunteering can simply make your life more fun. You can explore the things that you love and enjoy in life.
  • Positive exploration can make your life more meaningful and give you a renewed sense of passion.
  • Volunteering can actually cross paths with hobbies that you enjoy, such as pet lovers volunteering to walk dogs at an animal shelter.

If you find a place that you enjoy volunteering at, it can enhance your life in a variety of ways. Find something that you enjoy doing and you're bound to see benefits from it. Best of all, you'll be giving back to your community in a way that it needs.

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