A guide to bathroom lighting

October 24, 2014

The bathroom is one of the busiest places in any home. Everything from the application of makeup to shaving requires lighting of the right tone and intensity.

A guide to bathroom lighting

The effective use of creative bathroom lighting techniques is important, given the fact that a typical individual uses the bathroom six to 10 times each day.

Call the pros

The best bathroom lighting techniques require excellent lighting design and expert installation.

  • Interior designers and design consultants can draw upon their vast experience to create beautiful and cost-effective lighting patterns.
  • Electricians can ensure lighting is installed according to local building codes.

These experts can also suggest ways to create different switches for each zone.

  • Ambient lighting can be controlled independent of task lighting and shower or bathtub lighting.
  • Dimmer switches offer the ability to truly customize bathroom lighting according to both preference and need.

LED lighting lowers energy costs

Many Canadians are updating their bathroom fixtures now that LED lighting has become so popular.

  • Illumination from light-emitting diodes (LEDs) often lowers electricity costs by 70 to 90 per cent, when compared with incandescent lighting.
  • Savings multiply because LED lights last much longer than traditional incandescent bulbs.
  • LED lighting is available in virtually every colour of the rainbow, so it can also be effectively used for accent lighting in the bathroom.


Tubular skylights are also being used to guide natural light into bathrooms.

  • Through the use of highly reflective interior surfaces, these skylights can even channel daylight around pipes, electrical conduit and rafters.
  • Such skylights are popular in part because the light provided is free after the initial capital outlay.

Colour temperature of light

The intelligent and creative use of spot lights and track lights results in light directed exactly where it is needed.

  • At the same time, diffused lighting can flood an area with soft, even light.

It is important to recognize that white light is available in different colour temperatures, from warm to cool.

  • It is often ideal to bathe the overall space in warm white light while simultaneously creating task lighting that has a colour temperature similar to daylight.
  • This task lighting accurately renders makeup colours, and it will make the coordination of attire and makeup that much easier.
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