A local's guide to street art in Edmonton

by Jana Lee

Art need not cost money when you’re in an arts and culture hub like Edmonton. Whether you’re travelling by car, transit or foot, there’s an abundance of free and accessible public art for locals and visitors. Navigate Edmonton’s best murals, sculptures and other street art with this guide. [Image credit: iStock.com/thumb]

A local's guide to street art in Edmonton

Quintessentially Edmonton Murals

Got a day to zip around by car? Check out the Giants of Edmonton mural collection! In an effort to beautify Edmonton and deter graffiti, the city developed a mural program in conjunction with 630 CHED radio featuring 12 murals to show what’s quintessentially Edmonton. These murals depict our history, spirit of giving, community involvement, military contributions, social activism and inclusion, river valley, education, athleticism, sports history and our vibrant entertainment areas, such as Whyte Avenue.

Take an art tour on the LRT

In the words of the Edmonton Arts Council, Edmonton residents experience art as part of their day-to-day lives. Take a self-guided tour of Edmonton’s street art while riding the LRT. At Southgate station, the Brick Shoes sculpture is an ode to public transit. Take the train northbound towards Grandin, where the underground murals at the LRT station reflect on reconciliation and First Nations culture with symbols of peace, knowledge and hope. Continue towards the Downtown arts district near Churchill Square, and you’ll find a collection of public art in and around City Hall. The beauty of Edmonton’s art scene is its diversity – in a 500-metre radius you can find everything from Paskwamostos, a steel bison sculpture overlooking the river valley, to a memorial to bring awareness to the city’s less fortunate.

A number of the City’s parks and recreation centres feature unique and engaging artworks (Bonus: They are near the Capital LRT line). The Afghan Mural at Commonwealth Recreation Centre allows users to spin three-sided columns to depict a vibrant afghan blanket. Clareview Recreation Centre features a modern kinetic sculpture, Eclipse. On the way back, take a detour to Borden Park for an interactive experience at the multi-coloured Vaulted Willow.

A walkable YEG art tour

For those looking to view street art on foot, consider this guide. The En Masse Mural at the overpass on 109 Street and 99 Avenue pays homage to Edmonton’s emerging artists and sense of spontaneity. In and around the Downtown Ice District, one can find four public art displays at newly-opened Rogers Place. When dusk hits, visit the Neon Sign Museum to view a collection of Edmonton’s vintage business signs. To top it all off, walk across the High Level Bridge as it’s lit up with LED lights as part of the Light the Bridge campaign.

The best part of this tour is its proximity to plenty of restaurants, shops and cafés. Go at your own pace and be sure to take breaks to shop, play and eat in the heart of Downtown Edmonton.

Art imitates life. This is certainly the case in Edmonton. Its vibrant arts culture reflects the city’s diversity, creativity and progressive thinking – a city that isn’t afraid to explore social issues in art. Now that you have a basic guide to work off of, it’s time to go exploring!

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