Are overhead garage doors the best for your home?

December 23, 2014

Overhead type garage doors are considered the most popular of garage door varieties in the market place. Are they right for you?

Are overhead garage doors the best for your home?

This type of garage door comes in three types: single panel, sectional and roller. An older and more typical version of the overhead garage door is the single or one-piece panel. However, gaining more popularity is the sectional door variation. New versions of overhead garage doors these days are built as sectionals where there are several panels hinged together that roll along a track system guided by rollers. The weight of the door is balanced and supported by a torsion spring system or extension springs.

History of the overhead garage doors

Overhead garage doors have been around for about 50 years and started as an alternative to non-insulated garage rolling shutters used at the time. Because the panels were built with an insulator sandwiched between them, overhead garage doors gained popularity for the ability to regulate temperatures in a garage space. The ability to fill the doorframe with transparent glass panels and the installation of a pedestrian door has attributed to the overhead garage door’s popularity till this day.

Although popular, overhead garage doors have major disadvantages. With these short comings, manufacturers are developing alternatives to overhead garage doors that may prove to function better and surpass the popularity of sectional doors.

Disadvantages of overhead garage doors:

  • Rail system installation is often costly
  • Continuous door movement can cause serious damage to the structure overtime
  • Sectional doors are notorious for getting stuck if each of the panels don’t move in sync, and a dent to one panel can completely interfere with the movement of the panels and further damage the door as a whole
  • The springs are put under a lot of pressure to support the considerable weights these doors are meant to handle, and this can cause the springs to move in its tracks
  • Counterbalance springs have a high maintenance level which isn’t very cost-effective

Introducing compact garage doors

Manufacturers regard compact garage doors as an overhead door due to its door panel structure, which is also stored overhead along the garage roof when open. Furthermore, the compact garage door is similar in appearance to that of a typical overhead door. The main difference is the way that a compact garage door is built on the inside.

As its name suggests, the compact garage door is manufactured with a folding door using a universal rail system, which allows it to fit in any opening and stay compact to save on garage space. Springs used in a compact garage door are less prone to maintenance and via a self supporting system, and the door does not require structural adjustments.

So when considering overhead garage doors, dig a bit deeper past the best-seller options, because a compact garage door may be more suitable and practical for your needs. Always consult with a professional for more information about different garage door types.

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